EPT Dublin: Why I like Jonas

You know I debated whether I was Jonas Molander's lucky charm, and decided that this was plainly not so? It made me wonder about why I like him. He's a good player to watch. An agressive player, but I'd call his style 'cautious agressive'. As I watched him play a hand I was reminded of my poker tournament epiphany, the little thing that turned me into a winner in the £10 rebuy tournaments I play.

The hand was between Jonas and Roman Makowski, a German FPP qualifier.

I assume Jonas had raised pre-flop and Roman had called, there were 2500-3000 chips in the middle as I reached the table. The flop was 9 9 T rainbow. Roman fingered his chips as the flop was dealt, Jonas leaned over the table to see past the dealer and study his face. Jonas checked. Roman fingered his chips again, I expected him to bet. He didn't.

The turn was a King. Jonas leaned over the table yet again to look at Roman. A carefully posed blank look from the German... Jonas looked at his chips. I expected him to bet. He didn't. Roman thought for a second and then checked, just as Jonas had done before him.

The river was a third 9. Jonas thought yet again, and then he casually tossed a 500 chip into the middle of the table.

Roman looked at the chip. It was kind of an insulting bet. It was almost saying, 'You've got nothing of that, I know that.' Perhaps it was also a bet placed because Roman was wearing a PokerStars shirt? Because you might expect an unknown inernet qualifier to 'fold easy'..? Plus, it was also only 500, not much to lose if the guy had something, or if he had the guts to call with just a little.

I haven't told you my Poker Tourney Epiphany thing yet, have I? It's not much. Perhaps it's obvious. It was simply the decision to look for a way to win each and every hand I played. Maybe that isn't exactly rocket science. Only I enjoyed my poker much more with a 'no quitting any hand until I'm sure I can't win' attitude. You might think it encourages super-aggressive play? A blushing, 'No comment' from me there. But it's not blindly aggressive play, because sometimes you have to accept that winning means 'folding to fight another hand'.

I've just won a few £10 rebuy tournaments, so I'm no Jonas Molander. What do I really know? I just know I liked Jonas Molander's 500 chip bet. I like Jonas Molander's style.

Roman Makowski thought for a while and then he called. Jonas said, "I have the board." He didn't turn his cards over.

I heard someone mutter, "He paid to see your cards." But perhaps Jonas didn't hear?

Roman showed A Q and took the pot. Jonas nodded and mucked his hand. Jonas lost this hand, yes. I just think he looked for a good way to win. Every hand I see him play, I see him look for a good way to win. Watching him I'm reminded of the most important poker lesson I ever learned.

Roman Makowski

Jonas Molander. Just realised there's another reason I like him. Good hair.

Brad Willis
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