EPT Dublin: "You're hitting everything!"

45 player remain. Sadly Gerald Lemke is now out. He stood for a long while at his table, checking his cards as soon as they were dealt, often walking away to chat to his Mother on the rail. He found a hand he wanted to play, this was AQ. He was called by a player with A 10. A 10 on the river ended Gerry's run in this, his first live tournament.

At another table two PokerStars players tangled on a 9 high flop. More chips went in on the turn a 3. Marcel Baran said nothing, Ade Bayo said plenty. "You're hitting everything he claimed," as Marcel re-raised him.

He tossed his cards away with disgust, showing King Queen. Marcel still said nothing, but turned over his King Jack. Ade muttered something I can't repeat.

Marcel Baran

Brad Willis
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