EPT Dublin:Down to 13

It looks like we're going to reach our final 8 as quick as you'd call an all-in bet when you find AA. Well, perhaps that's exaggerating, but we have lost 3 players in less than half an hour. Paul Telstud was out first. He was all-in pre-flop with 44. Nick Slade called with 88 to put him out.

Vinnie McNamie was gone next. All-in pre-flop with KJ he was beaten by Roland De Wolfe who held A5.

Conor Doyle was then eliminated by Luca Pagano, who called blind, and saw a flop with Willie Tann also in the hand. The flop was 9 8 5. Luca bet out with his 9 6 and Willie folded. Connor held 7 4 and Luca sent the Irish player home with €20,330.

A reminder of players out already:

14 Conor Doyle (Ireland)
15 Vinnie McNamie
16 Paul Telstud (France)
17 Roy Brindley (Ireland)
18 Simon Ehne (Sweden)
19 Jonas Helness (Norway)
20 Pat O'Callaghan (Ireland)
21 Kevin Vreeswijk (Holland)
22 Karin Lundgren (Sweden)
23 Ray Coburn (USA)
24 Kashi Kambiz (Sweden)

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