EPT Dublin:In the money

There was no cagey play on the bubble of this tournament. Two players went out in quick succession. This left the 32 remaining players cheering as it was announced that they were taking home a bundle of Euros. Or even a shiny EPT suitcase full of Euro notes if they win.

A big hand between Andy Black and William Thorsen. Thorsen limped with 99 under the gun, Andy raised on the small blind with his AK. Thorsen called. The flop was A 8 9. A set for Thorsen. More betting. The turn is another Ace. Hard for Andy to get away from this one... A shout of 'all-in' and on the river there's a chipcount, both players had a lot of chips, but Thorsen had a few more. Andy Black is out in 34th place.

As Andy walks away shaking his head there's a shout of 'all-in' from the televised table. Patrick White is our bubble player, out in 33rd place when his AQ was beaten by Johnny Lodden's KT made a straight.

A few hands later and Johnny Lodden is out. He flopped a full house 3s full of 9s. Johnny held 33 and Nick Slade held 66. The chips went in on a 3 9 9 Flop. Lodden was all-in, and looking good. But the turn was an Ace, the river a cruel 9.

The board that sealed Andy Black's fate.

Brad Willis
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