EPT Dublin:Names

Joe Beevers, Ross Boatman, Barney Boatman, Noah Boeken, Tomas Brolin, Tony Cascarino, Neil Channing, Tony Chessa, Dave Colclough, Victoria Coren, Roland De Wolfe, Harry Demetriou, Dave Devilfish, Peter Eichhardt, Don Fagan, Tony G, Julian Gardner, Michael Grecco, Pete Haslam, Keith Hawkins, Juha Helppi, Anthony Holden, Jacob Juhl, Marcel Luske, Brian McFadden, Jonas Molander, Ade Bayo, Henric Olander, Luca Pagano, Padraig Parkinson, David Pomroy, Conor Pope, Greg Raymer, Surinder Sunar, Willie Tann, Julian Thew, Simon Trumper, Ram Vaswami.

That's the names I recognised from the Day 1B player list, and I probably missed a few... It seems that anyone who's anyone in the European poker circuit is here today. As well as boy band singers... If you're a FPP qualifier in your first live game you might be wishing you'd got a draw for a 1A seat. Unless you're seated next to Brian McFadden at the boy band table?

Marcel Luske regrets he's playing on Day 1B? Or perhaps it's the sandwich?

Brad Willis
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