EPT Dublin:News from the tables

We've lost Noah Boeken, I didn't see him go out, but spotted him playing in a cash game. This isn't online poker, you can't do two tables at once. Apparently Noah was all-in with KQ and ran into an AA.

Unfortunately it looks like I won't be bragging in the press room, the player I picked to reach the final table is out. Ramzi Jelassi another one biting the dust.

David Tavernier just doubled up, he button raised to 4,000 and felt he was committed to put the rest of his chips in when he was re-raised by Roy Brindley. He reluctantly showed his 9 10. Roy held AK, but the good doctor won the hand with a healthy-for-him flop of 8 9 10. That left Roy feeling sick. And me wondering how many bad metaphors I can fit into one post of tournament reporting?

David Tavernier

Brad Willis
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