EPT Dublin:Ram Rammed, Trumper Trumped?

Ram Vaswami had two big hands against fellow Hendon Mobster Ross Boatman. He held QQ when Ross held KK and lost most of his chips. A few hands later shortstacked Ram went all-in with his remaining chips holding 88, Ross called with KJ. A King on the river sent Ram back to Hendon. If he is from Hendon, I'm just assuming he is? And unless he wants to stick around to cheer on his mobster mates? Or play cash games? Anyway, Ram Vaswami is out.

Simon Trumper has also just been eliminated. He held AA, and tangled with Frederik Nielsen on a 5 8 x flop. Nielsen was semi-bluffing and holding 6 7. A 9 on the turn gave Frederik his straight and Trumper was out. I won't speculate about where he went, or what he did when he left the table.

Ram Vaswami and Simon Trumper out.

(That's the simple version.)

Simon Trumper is out.

Brad Willis
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