EPT London: 12 players left at the end of day 2 (or 3?)

Tournament officials have decided to end the night's play. 12 players will return tomorrow at 3pm, all hoping to reach the final table. Players returning on Sunday and chip counts at end of play today are as follows:

Chad Brown 611,000
Peter Hedlund 523,500
Emad Tahtouh 504,000
Michael Muldoon 422,000
Ashley Hayles 324,000
Jules Kusik 196,500
Jan Sjavik 294,500
Michael Abecassis 277,500
Vicky Coren 222,500
Jonus Molander 222,000
Sid Harris 213,000
Oscar Schweinebarth 173,000

I'm still not sure if day 1A + day 1B= day 2 or day 3? Or maybe it's Day 3 for players who started on Thursday's day 1A, but Day 2 for players who started on Fridays's day 1B? And now it's 3am and it's Sunday not Saturday - isn't Sunday supposed to be day 4? All this is very confusing, but I know there's one thing I can call tomorrow and that's the final day. That means a final table... And I do know final table = exciting. Join us tomorrow at 3pm GMT for all the action!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in