EPT London: 20 left...

There's lots going on at the three remaining tables of this London EPT event. 20 players remain now. 'Name' players we've lost recently are Allain Huberman, Barny Boatman, and Joe Rafferty...

Joe Rafferty sat on a chair looking miserable, and writing a text, no doubt that was miserable too. He said, "I hung in there. No aces. No kings. No queens. No luck..."

Neal Channing just doubled up, going all in for 83,600 he's called by Shannon Shorr in the big blind, and in a stripy jumper...

Neal looks unflustered as he turns over A 10. Shannon 'Stripy Jumper' Shorr looks nervous as he turns over A K. Two tens on the board and a lucky Neal Channing rakes in a big pot, as he stacks it he still looks unflustered.

A couple of hands later Shannon pushes all-in for his remaining 67,000. Chipleader Chad Brown thinks for just a little while, then declares, "Call." He has 8 8, Shannon has A K - yet again.

Chad hits an 8 on the flop, and Shannon's out, probably to kick anything he can find beginning with the letters A and K. Apples, aardvarks, androids, kites, kats..? Or maybe not, perhaps he'll be as unflustered as Neal Channing..?

Neal Channing unflustered as a 10 hits

Brad Willis
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