EPT London: A Royal Flush?

Playing in a PokerStars shirt today due to his media credentials, is London journalist and food critic, Tom Parker-Bowles. Tom is the son of Camilla Parker Bowles (the Duchess of Cornwall since her marriage to Prince Charles.) I don't know if Tom's played poker at Buckingham Palace with the Queen? It is possible. I will ask him this if I get the chance, but Tom was only interested in sharing the story of his unlucky loss with Aces in the last hand before the break. Tom was on 12,500 but is down to just 4000 chips now, his opponent hit a flush on the river.

I wish Tom well, but sadly this Tatler magazine food correspondent may soon be out of the game, and forced to muse on the quality of the Vic's sandwiches...

Tom Parker-Bowles - almost royalty.

Brad Willis
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