EPT London: Abecassis out

Vicky Coren moves all-in with AK, and Michael Abecassis finds KK. An Ace is the second card dealt, and Abecassis is out. Vicky now on 600,000. Then there were 9...

Emad Tahtou has just been cursing his misfortune whilst Joe Hachem nods sympathetically, Joe's been watching his friend on the rail since the start of play. Emad held 66 on a flop of Ad 5d 6c. Jan Sjavik re-raised and Emad was happy to see his opponent all in with 8d 10d - just a diamond flush draw against his set. He was not happy to see the diamond on the river..!

Emad feeling down after losing a big pot.Joe Hachem and Katja Thater are sympathetic.

Brad Willis
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