EPT London: Back from the dead

'Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated' Mark Twain said on reading his obituary in a newspaper. I don't know if Vicky Coren reads PokerStars blog, but if she did she'd get a shock to hear that she'd been eliminated, as this PokerStars qualifier is still playing and has around 35,000 chips.

Vicky is a writer, and a well known player on the UK poker scene. She's the favourite lady of many UK poker fans, and a regular at 'the Vic'. Although I'm not sure if they named the place after her...

Unfortunately I'm unable to bring Joe Hachem or Victor Ramdin back to life as easily. I wish I could. And for a lady who was dead yet lives again, you have to say Vicky makes a very pretty poker zombie.

Vicky Coren, reports of her tourney demise were greatly exaggerated....

Brad Willis
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