EPT London: Back to my home game?

Dean Saunders, winner of the Tooting home game March 23rd 2005, is now out. Dean had 120,000 chips and pocket Kings. He ran into Aces held by our new chipleader Ashley Hayles. Dean said, "I'm gutted." But no more tiny Tooting games for him, he tells me he has a sponsor and will play the rest of this EPT season.

I gathered a few chipcounts in the break.

Ashley Hayles 460,900
Isabelle Mercier 49,000
George McKeever 22,000
Donnacha O'Dea 45,000
Ross Boatman 36,000
Joe Rafferty 39,500
Chad Brown 300,000
Andy Black 83,000
Shannon Shorr 68,000
Michel Abecassis 41,000
Neil Channing 96,000
Barny Boatman 146,000
Vicky Coren 50,300
Jonas Molander 284,000
Emad Tahtou 255,000

42 players left playing on 6 tables. Average chips are 94,800. Blinds are 2000/4000 with a 400 ante.

Just heard Isabelle went all in with JJ, was called by a player with AQ. A queen on the flop, but a jack on the river saved Isabelle. She's now up to around 100,000...

Dean Saunders, former Tooting home game regular, soon to be an EPT superstar?

Isabelle Mercier, now sponsored by Burberry?

Brad Willis
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