EPT London: Can I take your chips, and get your autograph?

Player's just back from the dinner break. As I collect chipcounts I see a hand...

On a flop of 4, 5, 3 Mike Kahn, wearing a bright white shirt that looks a little too big for him, bets a yellow 1,000 chip. Barry Greinstein takes a chip from his 5,500 stack and calls. The turn is a 2. Mike bets, Barry goes all-in.

They turn their cards over. Barry's emotionless as Mike Kahn shows 6 7. Barry reveals his lower straight and 5 6. The Team PokerStars player sits for a while at the table, his face blank, he's writing in a book. As he gets up to go he gives his autographed book to Mike Kahn, shakes his hand and departs.

Barry Greenstein signs his autograph for the guy who took his chips...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in