EPT London: Chips (and a lack of them)

Here's some recent chipcounts, 68 players remain with the average stack 29,400 and blinds of 300/600 and a 75 ante.

Vicky Coren 20,000
Katja Thater 48,000
Vanessa Rousso 17,000
Andy Black 37,000
Arshad Husssein 90,000
Chad Brown 100,000
Daniel Needleman (PokerStars qualifier)80,000
Priyanand Hallan (PokerStars qualifier)63,000
Emad Tartou 105,000

I was just writing down Gus Hansen's chipcounts when a player in a beige hat went all in. Gus Hansen, one off the button, reraised all in too, the other players fold. The beige hat guy has 9,300. Gus turns over A9os, beige hat shrugs and shows KT. There's a ten on the flop, and by the river a flush for the shorter stacked player. Gus Hansen is left with just 17,000 chips.

Other news, Team PokerStars Betrand 'ElkY' Grospellier is out. He was short stacked and moved in with A2. He got called by Q9 and a queen ended this former pro-gamer and online pro's run at EPT London. Serial EPT qualifier Ara Melikian is also out now, as is EPT winner Mads Gavitan...

Emad Tartou

Daniel Needleman

Priyanand Hallan

Brad Willis
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