EPT London: Day 2, or is it day 3?

It's day 2 for the players, but day 1A+ day1B = the third day of poker for all those reporting on the action. So does that make it day 2 or day 3? I'm sure I'll get the hang of this poker reporting thing soon..! As this tournament is about the players let's call it Day 2. This means day 3 is tomorrow, and the 4th day for the poker journalists is also known as, 'Let's-hope-there's-lots-of-all-ins-so-we-can-finally-go-home' Day, by the press.

Today I don't want to go home, I feel excited. I was wondering what the highlights might be, what those special moments could be thatmake me go, 'Oooh!'? It's impossible to predict who might take the chiplead, or who'll bust out early, yet I can consider the little things that will likely brighten this poker reporter's day.

Things like:

Phil Ivey's table demeanour. I love the way Phil Ivey sits, hunched over the table his hands clawed. He looks like a poker Rainman, so intense his concentration he appears to inhabit a world of own. Of course it is possible he's looking super cool, and super scary, whilst secretly thinking, 'I forgot to charge my phone, didn't I?' Somehow, I don't think so...

Andy Black. I love this guy's hippy ways. Yesterday he wore cool pink and yellow checked trousers! Today I hope to see him adapt a Buddhist lotus position as he plays barefoot.

Isabelle Mercier, who often stands up for no particular reason when she's not in a hand. She watches the action, headphones on, and stands and just stares. She's focused on the game, or else getting herself in the zone, whilst stretching her jean-clad legs... I've seen her in action a few times now, I'm convinced she has her 'winning head' on for the London EPT today.

PokerStars qualifiers doing well. Players such as Priyanand Hallan, sitting pretty with a pile of chips, looking like they know what to do with them... You ask their names but don't recognise this, but you watch them play a little and soon, impressed, decide, 'Hey, maybe one day the whole poker world might know them!'

That special moment you're standing by a table thinking, 'Hmm, what now?' when all of a sudden a hand develops at the table beside you. Interesting betting, there's cards that can make you go,'ooh' a flop that makes you go, 'aah!' The poker God's dealing card drama..! He's ahead on the flop, he's behind on the turn, everyone holds their breath as the river card is dealt... Soon someone wins a huge pile of chips that can change their tourney life.

Vegetarian sandwiches being delivered to the press room... Actually this hasn't happened yet, however this is the sort of thing that would brighten this tournament reporter's day. Instead we get ham, and chicken, and prawns, and so I spend my day munching peanuts. But that's ok, I know this doesn't really matter, this is about the players of day 2, not about the poker press of day 3, it's about 101 players wanting a share of £1,393,000 - and that's not peanuts.

The kind of little things that can brighten this tournament reporters day. A bright orange day for these players...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in