EPT London: Dinner break

We're now on a dinner break, 160 players remain. It looks like Victor Ramdin is the chipleader on 59,675. (Accurate chipcount provided by a friendly dealer.) I'll try to find more chip counts and stories for you soon.

I've just been chatting to a few other poker writers and all they tell me about Tom Parker-Bowles is that he has a Chilli Cottage Pie recipe. It even got a mention on PokerStars WSOP blog.

As thinking of dinner break's may be making you hungry, I wonder if it would be approiate to share it with you?

Tom Parker-Bowles' Chilli Cottage Pie
Serves 4

450g organic beef mince (from Portwine in Seven Dials, Covent Garden)
2 medium red onions, coarsely chopped
3 Thai chillis, finely chopped (de-seed and de-vein for less heat)
3 tbsps of olive oil...

Ok, maybe not. More poker news coming up soon. Less recipes. Yes, I know, this is a poker blog...

Some chips... (Do you want ketchup with that?)

Brad Willis
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