EPT London: Down to 10

Ashley Hayles goes out in 11th place. He lost most of his stack to Emad Tahtou on an 8 high flop. Emad held A 8 and Ashley 44. Emad celebrated his double up with a high-five to his buddy Joe Hachem.

A little while later, Ashley, super-shortstacked moves all in with 9 6. Oscar Schweinebarch calls with A 10. No freindly cards for Ashley, so Hayles out in 11th place for £10,000

Peter Hedlund just found a good hand at the right time, the shortstacked player doubling up with KK when Michel Abecassis raised with Ace-ten.

We're now playing on one table, down to 10. Looking for our televised final table of 8. Emad Tahtou is chipleader at present...

Brad Willis
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