EPT London: Early fallers

Jeff Williams and Mats Iremark are out early.

Mats, the Swedish winner of last season's EPT Deauville is the first casualty of this London EPT. Mike Khan raises 150 pre-flop and Mats Iremark calls.

On a rather uninteresting flop of 3,10, Q, Mike bets 250 which is called by the Swede. Mike looks a little bit worried.

The turn is an ace, two diamonds on the board. Mike makes it 400. Iremark calls and they see the last card...

The river's a 4 of diamonds. Mike bets 1,000. Iremark raises to 2,000. Mike adds another 5,000 to the pot, and Mat's Iremark declares 'all in'.

No hesitation in the call from Mike who shows 5 2 of diamonds for a straight flush. Mat's K T of diamonds suddenly looks a little lame... The EPT Deuville winner is out.

At a table nearby Jeff Williams has been nursing a tiny stack of 2,000 chips for a while. I've been hovering nearby, trying not to feel like a poker reporter vulture. The winner of last season's EPT Grand Final finally pushes all in in late position with 1575 chips. He's called by the small blind player who shows pocket tens. Jeff turns over sevens, looking a little sullen. No lucky cards for Jeff and he departs, perhaps to clear his head with a walk in the London rain...

Jeff Williams - out early today

Brad Willis
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