EPT London: End of play on day 1B

49 players remain at close of play on day 1B from the London EPT. 101 players will start tomorrow, notable players remaining from Day 1B include Katja Thater, Andy Black, Chad Brown and Dean Saunders (who used to be a regular at my home game!) They'll join Isabelle Mercier, Phil Ivey, Johnny Lodden and 3 'Hendon Mobsters,' all star survivors from day 1A. Play resumes at 3pm GMT tomorrow. Chad Brown and Johnny Lodden are clear chipleaders, but all are in with a chance of the £500,000 first prize.

Approximate chipcounts at the end of Day 1B:

Dean Sanders 115,000
Donnacha O'Dea 72,000
Arshad Hussain 85,800
Hassa Mohammed 36,00
Linda Nygren 11,800
Joe Rafferty 27,200
Vivi Saethren 13,100
Jeff Kimber 23,400
George McKeever 41,000
Vicky Coren 20,400
Andy Black 64,000
Lalit Khajuria 17,800
John Persson 30,800
Pri Hallan 54,600
Tom Sandbrook 12,600
Katja Thater 38,600
Tyler Netter 106,000
Daniel Needleham 76,000
Tony Chessa 8,300
Bengt Sonnert 14,000
Frank O'Callaghan 14,000
Martin Green 21,000
Paul Finney 44,000
Ryand Fronda 47,000
Erik Kollmann 38,000
Steve Wilsdon 27,000
Chad Brown 122,200
Sid Harris 62,500

Priyanand Hallan, and an official counting his chips

The tournament clock, paused until Saturday...

Brad Willis
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