EPT London: Final Day (no toast)

They'd hoped to play to a final table of 8 yesterday, but didn't manage this. 12 players return, 4 won't make the final, 7 won't win. Just checking my maths, hope those figure are right? It's not really very complicated. All these players want to win, and there's £500,000 for the player who does. Play's just got underway... Jonas Molander is out early. Michael Muldoon winning his chips. Jonas went all-in pre-flop and was called by Muldoon. Jonas had Q 6, Muldoon pocket nines. Nothing to help the young Swede, he goes out in 12th place for £10,000.

There are crowds around the two remaining tables, making it hard to follow the action and bring you chipcounts, but I'll do my best. It looks like Peter Hedlund is now very shortstacked.

The 2 remaining tables of the London EPT

Brad Willis
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