EPT London: Final Day thoughts about toast and Cheerios...

You know something is wrong when you're lying in bed with your boyfriend thinking about other men. I was wishing I could meet someone new, then I started wondering about finding happy endings... I was thinking about Chad Brown, the EPT London chipleader. I wished I'd managed to meet him to chat about this tournament, I was wondering whether he'd have a happy ending at the final table today and win?

So don't worry. My boyfriend and I are just fine. We're still in the 'madly in love' stage so if I'd met Chad Brown I'd have tried to tell Chad all about him. And if we did talk boyfriends/girlfriends I'd be doing my job as a serious poker journalist, as he might tell me all about his girlfriend, Team PokerStars' Vanessa Rousso.

Hand stories are good too. I've been dreaming the play of hands, and chip counts, and thinking 'Why did he play it that way?' as I make my breakfast toast. I decided I was going too far when I found myself opening a box of Coco Pops to colour up the Cheerios... As you can see, poker is on my mind right now, and luckily my boyfriend is tolerant of this.

Anyone who cares anything about poker must see the final table shape up today and wish they were there. I like this feeling, I like feeling the same as the players I'm writing about. Do you think maybe Chad Brown, and Vicky Coren, and Jonas Molander, and all the rest are shaping their breakfast cereals into chip stacks this morning too? And if I can't be there to win the London EPT, then watching it, and sweating every hand from close to the table, will just have to do. Or else I can win the London EPT in my head, with a key hand when I re-raise 100,000 cornflakes and my opponent folds and then says, "Jo, will you stop daydreaming..!"

So I'll give my boyfriend a kiss, and then head to work, and feel lucky that work means poker, and daydreaming, and talking to people like Chad Brown. I wonder if Vanessa Rousso feels this way this morning too?

The oatflakes are worth 100...

Brad Willis
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