EPT London: I bet you look good on the chip floor!

This title is a reference to the Artic Monkey's track buzzing around my head at the moment. And yes, I do know it's supposed to be 'dancefloor' but 'chip floor' became substituted in the hum in my head. Vanessa Rousso is looking good on 35,000 chips. And come to think of it she'd probably look good on any dancefloor, or chip floor, or any other kind of floor you can imagine seeing her on...

Joe Hachem 20,000
Gus Hansen 9,500
Renhe Pedersen 19,000
Vicky Coren 11,000
Adrian Creagh 33,000
Emad Tahtouh 6,000
Willie Tann 10,000
John Gale 14,000
Robert Cohen 14,000
Michel Abecassis 16,000
Tony Chessa 7,500
Katja Thater 40,000
Sverre Sundbo 21,000
ElkY 9,000
Vanessa Rousso 35,000
Peter Eichhardt 28,500
Gus Hansen 10,000

ElkY: 9,000 chips

Vanessa Rousso: 35,000 chips

Katjar Thater: 40,000

Joe Hachem: 20,000

Gus Hansen: 9,500 chips

Brad Willis
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