EPT London: Is AQ a good hand?

Gus Hansen moved all in with AQ, only run into Chad Brown's aces. No miracle cards for Gus and he won't be playing tomorrow.

More AQ drama for Vanessa Rousso. She was on just 12,400 chips and must have thought AK a perfect hand for her shortstack all in. She encouraged her opponent's call, teasing him by removing her shades and pouting and smiling, and after an age (perhaps he liked the attention?) he called and showed AQ. Vanessa must have thought AQ a perfect hand against her AK, but an unfortunate flop of Q, 10, A made Vanessa frown not smile. Vanessa won't make it a triple-act of Team PokerStars ladies playing on day 2.

Just 58 players remain now, we're playing only another 30 minutes today.

Gus Hansen - out with AQ

Vanessa Rousso - put out by AQ

Brad Willis
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