EPT London: Isabelle and Tom and Tim out

Team PokerStars Isabelle Mercier was shortstacked and just went all-in with A7, she was called by a player with QQ. She kissed nearly everyone at the table before she left, to smoke nearby with friends. She was obviously disappointed and not very talkative, her only comment to me, "I was unlucky." Then she shrugged and went back to her contemplative cigarette.

Tom Parker-Bowles went out in a rather comical way. He learned that the casino bar closed at 2am, but quite fancied a beer... He joked to Neal Channing about this. "Well how about if we go to an off-licence?"

Neal pointed out that these would be closed too.

"Well I know where I can get a drink - at home..."

A little later he went all-in. Perhaps he wasn't expecting so much action when he did? Neal Channing called, as did Tim Flanders. Cards turned over and it's K J for Tom, A J for Neal, and Tim Flanders turned over QQ.

Neal looked unflustered... But an ace on the flop meant Neal won a huge pot. Tom can go home and get that beer now...

13 players left.

Neal Channing unflustered as an ace hits

Brad Willis
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