EPT London: It's raining, it's pouring, but no one is snoring...

It's a rainy day in London for the start of day 1B of this EPT event at the Victoria Casino. Lots of brollys on the Edgeware Road outside the Vic today, and the 202 players taking their seats at 3pm are hoping to see neither rain or shine for many hours. 202 players will start today as only 198 took their seats yesterday. Two players chips were removed from play when they missed the start due to sleeping in/missing the bus/deciding the £3,500 buy in was only loose change and they wouldn't bother turning up.... So two lucky players from the waiting list will get an unexpected EPT game today.

There's certainly going to be plenty to write about, lots of exciting players start today. From Team PokerStars there's Joe Hachem, Barry Greenstein, Betrand 'ElkY' Grospellier, Vanessa Rousso, and Katja Thater.

Other names known to PokerStars regulars are, John Gale, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure winner in 2005, with many results to his name since then. 'Ackbleh' known to many who follow the Rec Gambling Poker newsgoup, or the tournament success of PokerStars best. And 'one to watch' 'Melikman' who's won 3 EPT seats so far at PokerStars, perhaps hoping for a hat-trick of final tables?

Many players with previous EPT success start at 3pm today and hope to continue a good run. These include:

Paul King, final table finisher in London last year.
Mats Iremark, the Swedish player who won EPT Deuville.
Mats Gavatin, winner of EPT Dublin 2005.
Able Meijberg, 3rd place finisher in Baden, who was also in the money in Barcelona last week.
Thomas Wahlroos, 10th in the EPT Grand Final, Monte Carlo.

And of course Jeff Williams, winner in Monte Carlo, this 20 year old EPT Grand Final winner takes his seat today.

Players who need little introduction are Gus Hansen, Mel Judah, Andy Black... My player list got a little rain splashed and soggy as I studied it on the way to work today, but I can assure you that my enthusiasm for this event isn't soggy at all. Play is about to get underway in a minute, more from London soon...

A complete player list for day 1B can be seen on the EPT website here.

The Vic in the rain

Brad Willis
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