EPT London: Jonas and the wail...

At Andy Black's table there's a wail, as he leads the player's in a, 'woooohoohoooo' cheer - for no obvious reason that I can fathom. An observer remarks, "Let's play crazy poker!"

At the table next door, Jonas Molander is trying to think, he takes his iPod earplugs out. After a moment he raises to 6,000. A player with a big pile of chips calls.

The flop is 8c Ad 4d.

The young Swede checks. Big stack in brown shirt bets 6000. Jonas calls quickly.

The turn a Qs.

Jonas checks again, big stack motions his all-in. Jonas instantly calls. Jonas shows 44 for a set. The other player has J6 of diamonds for a flush draw. No flush and Jonas doubles up, he looks happy with his 120,000 chips. Andy Black's still loud. Jonas goes back to his iPod...

Jonas Molander

Brad Willis
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