EPT London: Lodden loses out

PokerStars have a new tournament reporter in London poker legend Pedro. I asked him for his thoughts on the EPT. "What's the EPT?" he said, scratching his head.

I explained, he looked dismissive. "It's a young man's game. I don't play tournaments any more," he said. He then proceeded to tell me how much his house was worth, and his recent poor health, and how he was 5th in a tournament in 1999...

Pedro decided to show an interest in this young man's game and sat for a while watching the TV table. He brought us the news of a very young man of poker, going out of this tournament.

Johnny Lodden was the day 1A chipleader but hasn't made much progress since. Down to 23,000 chips he went all in preflop with Kc 8d, only to be called by Damien Lemercier with JJ.

Lodden would have hoped to hit a flush, on a board of 3c 7c 9s 8c... but the last card was a diamond. So Lodden goes out, rumour's that Pedro tried to sell him a pocket fan as he walked from the table will not be doubted by any Londoner who knows a bit about our new reporter...

PokerStars poker reporter Pedro

Brad Willis
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