EPT London: Luca out

Luca Pagano is out. Luca reraised Barny Boatman preflop, going all-in for his remaining 2,200 chips. Barny and one other player call. On an Ace high flop Player X bets 1,500, Barny calls. Then these two players check it down. Barny shows AQ. Player X mucks, and so does Luca. The Team PokerStars player is out.

Chipcounts now -
Victor Ramdin 60,000
Torben Schniberg 73,000
Ben Grundy 7,000
John Kabbaj 32,000
Neil Channing 17,000
Isabelle Mercier 29,000
Phil Ivey 18,000
Ross Boatman 28,000
Barny Boatman 60,000
Ram Vaswami 22,000
Alan Betson 13,000
Dave Rawnsley 10,000
Tom Parker-Bowles 17,000

Current chipleader Torben Schniberg

Brad Willis
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