EPT London: Neal Channing loses it...

I heard Neal Channing had 370,000 chips, and now I hear he's out... He lost it in 3 hands, I missed the details of the first, but in the second key hand for Neal I hear in a hand he raised, Emad re-raised all-in for his 90,000 chips. Neal calls with K J, but Emad has A J. Nothing to save Neal. I'm sure that he was as unflustered as usual by this hit to his stack.

On the very next hand Neil goes all-in with pocket Tens. Michael Muldoon calls with pocket Sevens. Muldoon hits a straight and Neil is unlucky to be out 13th place, he takes home £10,000.

Others losing it lately:

13th Neil Channing £10,000
14th Tim Flanders £10,000
15th Tom Parker-Bowles £10,000
16th Isabelle Mercier £10,000
17th Alan Glover £6,000
18th David Finney £6,000

Neal Channing unflustered as he goes out in 13th place

Brad Willis
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