EPT London: Official Day1A chips, and a confession...

52 players remained at the end of day 1A, not the 58 the guys in the press room decided was the figure at 3.30am last night as they hurriedly typed up their last posts. It gets a little confusing covering large events, sometimes things get missed, or misreported. Players sometimes bust out without being noticed. Perhaps their solitary exit is more appropriate? I doubt these players really want to read their poker sob story in graphic detail on some webpage...

This afternoon when the official chip lists were printed, everyone in the press room expected to see figures differ from the 'guess-a-stack-at-a-glance' etimates we'd come up with late last night. But we all expeced to see a number beside Victor Ramdin's name. We looked, but Victor Ramdin's chip count wasn't there. It turns out Victor busted out in the last hand of play. Nobody saw the details, and I'm sorry not to bring you this news last night. I'm even more sorry that this Team PokerStars player won't be taking a seat in this EPT event tomorrow. Only Isabelle Mercier remains of Team PokerStars players who started on day 1A, she'll joined by 5 other PokerStars who'll be taking a day off today, but playing Saturday.

Official chipcounts from Day 1A yesterday:

Johnny Lodden 126,700
Barny Boatman 87,100
Torben Sneibjerg 83,100
Michael Muldoon 73,900
Stuart Rutter 61,500
Shannon Shorr 60,200
Ivar Rivenaes 60,000
Simon Zach 58,900
Ross Boatman 56,500
Tim Flanders 55,500
John Kabbaj 54,100
Molander Molander 53,300
Tom Parker-Bowles 52,100
Samir Shakhtoor 51,700
Damien Lemercier 50,700
Ferenc Bardha 46,200
Alli Mallu 46,100
Ashley Hayles 46,000
Phil Ivey 42,200
Andrew Bradshaw 38,900
Jeffrey Rodgers 37,200
Alon Huberman 36,800
Isabelle Mercier 36,000
Vik Kanwar 35,200
Andrew Robl 33,700
Samuel Hapak 33,100
Mick Cook 32,900
Michael Ellis 32,800
Ram Vaswani 28,300
Feminella Tommaso 28,100
Jeffrey Buffenbarger 26,900
Frank Bastow 25,700
Will Davis 25,300
Alan Betson 25,100
Jan Sjåvik 24,400
James Akenhead 23,900
Tim Vance 21,200
Joseph Campbell 20,400
Gary Chatterton 20,100
Kevin Parkes 19,800
Hans Eskilsson 19,100
Jani Saari 17,500
Neil Channing 17,400
S Elorfi 17,300
Adam Heller 15,800
Peter Hendriks 15,700
Peter Hedlund 15,600
Ricki Nielsen 15,100
Robin Keston 14,700
William Fitzpatrick 14,500
Micky Wernick 12,600
Frank Pini 12,500
Dennis Skaarup 11,000
Anthony Adderley 9,600

Brad Willis
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