EPT London: Practise run

Ara Melikian is a young New Yorker with a confident game, and a ready smile - even when he's on 2,100 chips and the blinds are 150/300. I see him push all in, and I will him to win. He's one of those players you'd want to find success, a rare poker player who finds it easier to cheer good fortune, rather than curse his bad beats.

His A2 is called by KJ and Ara doubles up. He laughs and stands up to chat to his buddy. How come these kind of players always have a loyal buddy on the rails? He tells me he had to make a stand. "Best hand I've seen in an hour!" he laughs.

At the break he told me about his table move. He's now sitting with Mel Judah and Andy Black. "Doesn't matter, not with my chips," he says.

Last I saw Ara was still hanging in there, but if he busts out he can put this down as a practise run. You see 'Melikman' has won 3 EPT seats on PokerStars so far. He'll play in Baden in a few weeks, and Dublin at the end of October. He's just a little upset that he didn't qualify for Barcelona. His Mom wanted a trip to Spain you see. Ara was also a PokerStars WSOP 2006 qualifier, cashing in for $15,500. If Ara doesn't survive with his shortstack in London, I wish him well for Baden, or Dublin, or any other big event he plays with a buddy at the rail. He's just the kind of player I like to see win.

Ara Melikian

Brad Willis
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