EPT London: Ramdin feels lucky

Victor Ramdin is our current chipleader with nearly 60,000 chips. I spoke to him in the break about his charity work. Ramdin regularly travels to his native Guyana with other philanthropic poker players to do charity work.

"He's my mentor," he said, nodding at Phil Ivey who was chatting nearby. "He comes with me too."

I asked about Team PokerStars Barry Greenstein too, and he expressed his satisfaction that Team PokerStars seems to be made up of such 'Robin Hoods' of the poker world. Barry Greenstein is also noted for giving his winnings to favourite charity, Children, Incorporated, which provides food, clothing and educational equipment to schools, orphanages and welfare centers.

Victor explained, "I feel so lucky. I have what I need, and if I do well at this game that's good."

I asked about his tournament so far, "I'm playing well. And I was gifted 10,000 chips."

I smiled, thinking 'That's lucky!' And I wonder if his benefactor will be glad if Victor wins, that those chips will go to a good cause?

Current chipleader, Victor Ramdin

Brad Willis
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