EPT London: Tournament reporting logistics

It's hard to count mountains of chips, hundreds of chips, stacked erratically, of different denominations. It's much easier to see how many with the shorter stacked players, although in some ways there's less point... Tom Parker-Bowles asked me rather desperately in a pre-bubble break, "Who are the shortstacks?" Now the answer is, "You!"

There are 16 players remaining. Chad Brown still has a multi-coloured mountain, and Tom Parker-Bowles a tiny pile that means it's all-in or nothing. The TV people need to count chips, so accurate chipcounts from the feature table have been provided for us press guys. A mixture of careful counts and guesstimates listed here, but as best I can tell remaining players have the following chips:

Vicky Coren 287,000
Jules Kusick 132,000
Jan Sjavic 323,000
Isabelle Mercier 64,100
Peter Hedlund 560,000
Jonas Molander 280,000
Chad Brown 755,000
Ashley Hayles 265,000
Tom Parker-Bowles 81,000
Tim Flanders 168,000
Michael Muldoon 136,000
Neil Channing 160,000
Emad Tahtouh 185,000

Another trick I've discovered to bring you information... If you can't find it by any conventional means, steal it... An official's clipboard left lying around revealed the following facts about the order of exit so far:

18th A.Glover
19th DC Finney
20th Torben Sneijberg
21st Mike Ellis
22nd Shannon Shorr
23rd Barny Boatman
24th Acon Hubermand
25th Joe Rafferty
26th Frank Bastow
27th Erich Kollman
28th Jeffrey Rogers
29th George McKeever
30th Samir Shakhtoor
31st Lalit Khajuria
32nd Tomasa Feminella

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