EPT London: When we say 3pm we mean 3pm!

Perhaps I could try this for my home game, as a way to get everyone to turn up on time? Due to a quirk of British casino law any player who's not in their seat at the tournament start has their chips removed from play - and they're out. No mercy for latecomers, no blinding you away if you miss your bus, or if you tell them the dog ate your poker homework. Well surely there must be a few FPP qualifiers studying, 'How to win your first live game?'

Unfortunately this strict rule doesn't seem to have had the desired effect, I've seen a few 10,000 chip stacks removed. So it looks more like there are 197 players starting today not 200. The tournament just kicked off, a little later than planned at 3.07pm GMT. Maybe next time they should try, 'Last one here buys the pizza?'

Not too many empty chairs at 2.55pm...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in