EPT London: Who's who and who's here

Here are a few 'names' starting today. I've spotted last week's EPT Barcelona runner-up Phil Ivey, hoping to go one place better this week.

Phil Ivey, 2nd last week in Barcelona. Although I think he was famous before that...

Of course many Team PokerStars players are here, play on day 1A are Isabelle Mercier, Victor Ramdin and Luca Pagano. Ross and Barny Boatman and Ram Vaswami are playing on London turf for 'The Hendon Mob.' Other notable UK players are Julian Thew, Tony Cascarino, Neil Channing, Dave Colclough, and Ben Grundy. Thorstein Iversen, Johnny Lodden, Istvan Novak, Pascal Perrault, John Shipley, Edgar Skjervold, Paul Testud, Markus Golser, and last year's winner Mark Teltscher also start today. Erik Friberg, 8th place finisher in this years WSOP is also here.

Sweden's Erik Friberg, PokerStars 8th place finisher in WSOP 2006

Not forgetting my former boss Terrence Chan, who quit his job as Support Manager to become a succesful pro. I guess it's now ok to tell him that I used to steal Diet Coke from the marketing department fridge?

Brad Willis
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