EPT London:Carnage at the Vic!

Only 80 players left now, players are all-in-ing all over the place! Team PokerStars Katja Thata one of the early casualties. She was getting shortstacked and moved all-in with J9, she was called by the big blind with AK. No help for Katja, only Isabelle Mercier remains to represent Team PokerStars now.

Phil Ivey is out too. He moved all-in for over 40,000 before the flop with AK. Jon Hewston held Kings. Ivey's out....

Carl Olsen is another casualty, running into a strangely played AQ when he made a move with KJ... Olsen will be back. He's the only player to qualify for all EPT's on PokerStars so far.

John Kabbaj is also out. He moved with Ace-Jack against Lenda Nygren holding Aces.

Average stack is now 49,800 with blinds of 600, 1200 and a 100 ante.

News of more all-in-ing players soon...

Brad Willis
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