PokerStars Sunday Million Results (10-22-06)

The PokerStars Sunday Million continues to get bigger every week. Once again, players saw the biggest Sunday Million of all all time--6,413 players! The final three players all won more than $100,000 after cutting a deal at the final table. Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results
(Based on finishing order and a three-way deal that left $30,000 for the winner)

1. osten87 (Sweden) $103,318.00
2. Halkeye (Canada) $124,397.00
3. Iteopepe88 (Hungary) $104,735.00
4. lexx0170 (United States) $45,917.08
5. jmikekennedy (United States) $36,810.62
6. hartwith (United Kingdom) $29,756.32
7. Jmaxime (Canada) $23,086.80
8. win532 (United States) $16,673.80
9. mikem1181 (United States) $11,030.36

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