PokerStars Sunday Million Results (10-8-06)

After an amazing World Championship of Online Poker, the PokerStars Sunday Million came back in full force. More than 5,500 players signed up to play in the biggest weekly poker tournament around. The battle raged all the way to the very end. Players never cut a deal and when it was over, Norway's Fenster walked away with more than $160,000! Final table results are below.

PokerStars Sunday Million Results

1. Fenster (Norway) $162,279.50
2. zach5500 (United States) $88,126.02
3. Mr Neverquit (United States) $55,010.00
4. eisert3 (United States) $42,907.80
5. 98club (Norway) $34,106.20
6. JRGBone (United States) $27,505.00
7. LeonPK (United States) $20,903.80
8. zaratusa (United States) $15,402.80
9. Schecky (United States) $11,002.00

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