PokerStars to Deal Five Billionth Hand

Maybe you keep track of the number of hands you play per month. Now, think about you and several million other people playing for the last five years or so. What you have is the recipe for PokerStars dealing its five billionth hand.

PokerStars is bringing out more than confetti and champagne. From now until the five billionth hand is dealt, PokerStars is giving away more than $1 million in cash, WSOP seats, WCOOP seats, and bonuses. What's more, from May 12th to May 21st, PokerStars will be doubling all of your VIP Player Points and Frequent Player Points.

How is it working? Check out the PokerStars Five Billionth Hand celebration page for all the details.

Have fun and good luck!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars news