Thomas0804 and his lucky PokerStars shirt

We all have little pieces of luck we carry around with us. I'm fickle about mine. I've given away lucky money bands and poker chips from winning games after they, er, let me down. Right now, I'm carrying a piece of red yarn my two-year-old son gave me as a present right before I did well in a tournament.

Even if you're not the superstitous sort (which, honestly, I am not), you'll have to appreciate this little story that someone passed on to me.

PokerStars player Thomas0804 ended up playing in Dublin on the European Poker Tour. As you're likely aware by now, PokerStars sponsors all of the EPT events and is well represented at all the venues. While Thomas0804 was in Dublin, he ended up getting hold of a PokerStars shirt. As it was described to me, the shirt "became kind of his mojo for live poker tournaments."

Over the weekend, Thomas0804 was in Leipzig playing in yet another poker tournament. Once again, he wore his lucky PokerStars shirt. Sure enough, with the power of his shirt, he made his way all the way to the final table.

Now, I'd like to say Thomas0804 won the whole shooting match, but, as it turns out, he'd brought something with him that was even more powerful than his PokerStars shirt -- his mother. Indeed, once the game was down to three players, Thomas0804's own mother busted him.

There's probably a lesson in here somewhere, but I'm not going to venture to find it. Regardless, congratulations to Thomas0804 for his recent success...and, well, congratulations to Mom as well.

Brad Willis
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