January 2007

29 January

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (1/28/07)

A cool quarter million bucks. That's what westmenloAA took home for his first place finish in the PokerStars Sunday Million. More than 2,700 players showed up for the $530 event and WestmenloAA took it all down without a deal. Final table results are below.PokerStars Sunday Million Results1. westmenloAA (United States)...more

22 January

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (1-21-07)

Once again, two people in the PokerStars Sunday Million won six-figure prizes for their efforts in the world's biggest weekly poker tournament. Once heads-up, the players cut a quick deal to lock in the big cash. When it was over, Mazinho1977 scored first place and more than $164,000! Final table...more

20 January

EPT Copenhagen: Petersson Takes Title

EPT Copenhagen winner: Magnus Peterssonby Simon YoungSwede Magnus Petersson has won the EPT Copenhagen, beating Team PokerStars' ElkY heads up to win €550,000. "This is a very good feeling," he said. "I played tight early on and then changed gears when it mattered."ElkY had a commanding lead when they sat...more

EPT Copenhagen: Petersson takes control

Magnus Petersson has won a massive pot to take control in the heads-up battle with ElkY in Copenhagen. The pot was building after a flop of 7-10-2, another 2 on the turn and more money went in. Then a 3 on the river saw Petersson bet 70,000, ElkY re-raise to...more

EPT Copenhagen: ElkY takes out Toth

Third place: Richard Tothby Simon YoungWe are heads up! ElkY has knocked out Richard Toth in third place. The two went on a pre-flop raising war, ending up all in. Toth was the short stack by some distance, and flipped over A-5, gutted to see ElkY's A-Q.The flop of 3-6-7...more

EPT Copenhagen: All In with 7-2

Magnus Petersson needed a double up, so what better hand to push with than 7-2 offsuit? Yup, Toth had raised to 55,000, so Petersson moved all in over the top for 429,000.Toth went into the tank, and reluctantly called with A-9. Petersson was horrified and looked up to the sky....more

EPT Copenhagen: Dinner Break

ElkY, Petersson and Tothby Simon YoungThe last three players are now on a one-hour dinner break. After just two hours, we have lost five of our final contenders, and you have to suspect it will not be long before we have a winner.ElkY, after that amazing pot when he rivered...more

EPT Copenhagen: Farewell Theo

Theo JorgensenRichard Toth has just recovered some of his chips by busting Theo Jorgensen of Denmark. The Dane pushed pre-flop with A-A and Toth, after much dwelling, called with Q-9 hearts. What followed was brutal - 10-4-7, one heart, turn J hearts, river 10 hearts.Toth's runner-runner flush leaves Jorgensen as...more

EPT Copenhagen: ElkY wins a monster

ElkY shows his relief after winning the potElkY has just won the biggest pot of the tournament with 7-5 offsuit after rivering a gutshot straight against previous chip leader Richard Toth. But the way it happened left Toth speechless, and his stack decimated.Before the flop ElkY raised with his dreadful...more

EPT Copenhagen: ElkY claims TWO scalps

ElkY on the up and upTeam PokerStar' ElkY has eliminated two players in successive hands. First Alexandre Poulain, a PokerStars cash qualifier from France, moved all in with a K high (we did not see his second card). He was called by ElkY with A-Q and Magnus Petersson with an...more

EPT Copenhagen: Thomas goes Holm

Thomas HolmRichard Toth has claimed another scalp - this time it's Denmark's Thomas Holm who has been shown the door. After some raising, they settled on seeing the flop of 7-8-9. Toth checked, and Holm moved all in for his remaining 200,000 chips. He met an insta-call, Toth's pocket sevens...more

EPT Copenhagen: Wijk falls first

Anders WijkSweden's Ander's Wijk is our eighth place finisher. He pushed with A-J but found a caller in Richard Toth holding K-K. The flop of 5-6-7 failed to help - and a K on the turn sealed the young pro online player's fate. He takes home €50,000.Just two hands later,...more

EPT Copenhagen: Introducing the finalists

Waiting for the winnerby Simon YoungAfter three and a bit days, we are down to the last table of eight from the 400 starters. Top of the pile is our own ElkY but, as we have seen countless times before, anything can happen - and it probably will. Here are...more

EPT Copenhagen: Morrow's Sorrow

Out in ninth: Cole Morrowby Simon YoungPokerStars qualifier Cole Morrow has busted in ninth, one place off making the final table.Canadian Cole, a communications student, won his seat here with his frequent player points and goes home with €30,600.He was the day's short stack, but survived countless all ins and...more

EPT Copenhagen: Sjavik OUT

Jan Sjavik: Out in tenthNorway's Jan Sjavik is out in tenth place. On the hand that blinds went up to 8,000-16,000 with 2,000 ante, he pushed from the small blind with K-5 spades. Only Thomas Holm in the big blind stood in his way, but he found 7-7 and called...more

Latest Chip Counts

2.50pm - local timeElkY, France: 1,200,000Magnus Petersson, Sweden: 800,000Richard Toth, Hungary: 520,000Theo Jorgensen, Denmark: 390,000Samir Shakhtoor, Sweden: 250,000Thomas Holm, Denmark: 225,000Alexandre Poulain, France: 180,000Jan Sjavik, Norway: 150,000Cole Morrow, Canada: 150,000Anders Wijk, Sweden: 140,000...more

EPT Copenhagen: ElkY's Double Knockout

by Simon YoungTwenty minutes in, and Team PokerStars' ElkY has just busted TWO players in one hand with pocket aces. Mark Petersen and Erik Lindberg, both from Sweden, got sucked in with Q-9 spades and A-K diamonds respectively.He soars in chips, as has Theo Jorgensen who has doubled up and...more

EPT Copenhagen: The Final Countdown

Looking strong: ElkYby Simon YoungWelcome back for the final day of the EPT Copenhagen, when 12 players will return to try and reach the final table, and then push on to claim the first prize of about €550,000.The weather outside here in Denmark is again wet and bleak. No better...more

EPT Copenhagen: 12 to come back tomorrow

by Simon YoungPlay has now finished for the night, with 12 players coming back tomorrow. They will fight it out for the eight places on the final table later in the day.It's been an exciting Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen, with ElkY still in and flying the Team PokerStars...more

EPT Copenhagen: Coming to a close

It looks like that with just ten minutes to go in this level, the tournament will be stopped and the 12 remaining players will return tomorrow to fight for the eight final table places.If that is the case, then we will get you their chip counts, plus a full list...more

EPT Copenhagen: It's slow going

No one wants to make a mistake at this stage, with just 12 players left. PokerStars qualifier Alexandre Poulain was a relieved man, then, when his A-J overtook Anders Wijk's 9-9 on the river to double him up. He's on about 200,000 now.It's still not clear if we can get...more

19 January

EPT Copenhagen: Cloutier falls

Out: T J Cloutierby Simon YoungT J Cloutier has been eliminated in 20th place. Shortstacked after missing a flush draw (though he also had a pair), he pushed in a battle of the blinds with Jan Sjavik. T J, in the small blind pushed all in with his remaining 40,000...more

EPT Copenhagen: New chip leader

Jonas Helness is OUT running his A-Q into fellow Swede Anders Wijk's Q-Q. It was a monster 380,000 pot that sent Wijk spinning to the top of the leaderboard.We are now down to 23 players and may soon be without T J Cloutier, who has taken successive hits to his...more

EPT Copenhagen: Four tables left

We are down to 32 players and the last four tables. With the intention of getting down to a final of eight players, we could be in for a very long night.So, with plenty of play left, and blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 600 ante, there are plenty of chunky...more

EPT Copenhagen: Bubble pops

by Simon YoungThe bubble has burst, and the unfortunate player out in 41st place - the last before the money is paid out - was Norway's Hilmar Tveit. Short stacked, he looked down to find A-Q and decided it was "now or never". Called by an A-8, he had a...more

EPT Copenhagen: Man with Clout

I love a big pair: T J Cloutierby Simon YoungT J Cloutier has just risen to the dizzy heights of 170,000 chips after finding K-K and then A-A in successive hands. The K-K saw off A-K, then the bullets allowed him to get all in with England's Nick Slade, who...more

EPT Copenhagen: ElkY rising to the top

Ship it: ElkYby Simon YoungTeam PokerStars' ElkY is on one of those hot runs poker players dream of. Starting today on just 14,000 chips, he has now soared to more than 160,000. The Frenchman, well known for his online game, has been splashing around in a succession of pots and,...more

EPT Copenhagen: And they continue to fall

by Simon YoungThe end of another level, and the end of the tournament for another bunch of players. Now just 78 remain as we head for level 12, with blinds kicking in at a hefty 1,000/2,000 and a 200 ante.T J Cloutier had continued to impress with his steady climb,...more

EPT Copenhagen: It's Carnage!

Taking over: Anders Wijkby Simon YoungIt's utter carnage here in Copenhagen, with more than 60 playes walking the plank in the first two levels of Day 2, leaving 92 to fight on. It's the Scandinavian way, apparently, they are only interested in winning rather than settling for a cash place.That...more

EPT Copenhagen: Cloutier on the move

Stacking the chips: T J Cloutierby Simon YoungT J Cloutier has had a dream start to Day 2, winning a huge pot when he got all in pre-flop with aces against his opponent's pocket jacks. No help on the board for the other guy, and T J, who qualified for...more

EPT Copenhagen: Tom McEvoy hoping for cards

Cards, please: Tom McEvoyby Simon YoungTeam PokerStars' Tom McEvoy sits down today with just 13,500 chips, and "wishing I had a few more". He sat patiently at his table throughout yesterday's Day 1B and was frustrated by a lack of decent starting cards.And he is itching to get going today....more

EPT Copenhagen: Day 2 , the gladiators gather

Chip leader: Bastian Landehagenby Simon YoungThe fighters are heading to the card room for the bloody battle that awaits. Day Two of the EPT here in Copenhagen will see the gladiators using their fearsome skill and weapon of choice - the huge chipstack. The victims? The shortstacks, thrown into the...more

Aussie Millions Final Table chip counts

Gus Hansen is the new Aussie Millions champion, with Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke in second place. The heads up battle ended at 9pm. 1st place $1.5 million Gus Hansen2nd place $1 million Jimmy Fricke3rd place $700k Andy Black4th place $500k Julius Colman5th place $400k Hans Martin Vogl6th place $ 300k Marc...more

Aussie Millions Main Event final table

by Alison Lightman.Gus Hansen is the new Aussie Millions 2007 champion. He has knocked out Pokerstars' own Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke with pocket Aces, claiming the title and the $1.5 million dollar first prize.Jimmy earns $1 million dollars for his absolutely superb performance in only his third major tournament, and he...more

EPT Copenhagen: Chip count for Day 2

Here is the chip count for day two.1 Bastian Landehagen 984002 Erlend Melsom 800003 Brent Wheeler 740004 Marco Lucidi 697005 Anton Smolyanskiy 685006 Jan Olav Sjåvik 674007 Kenneth Gregersen 598008 Peter Fischer 594009 Thomas Holm 5380010 Stefan Maglicic 5320011 Jonas Helness 5310012 Philip Hilm 5160013 Jeppe Mikkelsen 5100014 Ghassen Yafaoui...more

EPT Copenhagen: Chip count day 1B

Here you have the chip count after day 1B:1 Bastian Landehagen 984002 Erlend Melsom 800003 Jan Olav Sjåvik 674004 Kenneth Gregersen 598005 Thomas Holm 538006 Jeppe Mikkelsen 510007 Ghassen Yafaoui 498008 Iwan Jones 475009 Martin Wendt 4740010 Roy Brindley 4590011 Atle Walgren 4410012 Guido Meacci 4240013 Patrick Kortsen 4140014 Magnus...more

18 January

EPT Copenhagen: Goodnight, and Swede dreams

Dream day: Bastian Landehagenby Simon YoungPlay at the entertaining Day 1B of the EPT Copenhagen is finished for the night, with Swede Bastian Landehagen seemingly topping the pile with a massive 98,500 chips.He soared through the last couple of levels, while previous leader Morton Lund Jensen, from Denmark, fell the...more

EPT Copenhagen: Cloutier having a ball

On the up: T J Cloutierby Simon YoungT J Cloutier has seen it all in poker - World Series bracelets, final tables galore and top-selling books co-written with Tom McEvoy to name just some. Now he is enjoying his visit to Copenhagen, and starting to build a nice stack.Currently he...more

EPT Copenhagen: Thorsson's cracked aces send him home

Set to go: John Shipleyby Simon YoungWilliam Thorsson is OUT after his aces were cracked by John Shipley's flopped set of jacks. The Scandinavian Live Player of the Year, who came 13th in last summer's WSOP, had just lost half his stack when he found the bullets.With the blinds at...more

EPT Copenhagen: Thorsson in, Luske out

I'll get my coat: Marcel Luskeby Simon YoungJust when our Table of Death looked like getting even more dangerous with the arrival of William Thorsson, we have lost Marcel Luske. Then tournament director Thomas Kremser spoilt the fun and broke up the table, scattering the remaining players around the room.Luske's...more

EPT Copenhagen: There's a lot of money to be won

Players are now coming back from their dinner break, digesting the news that the prize pool here is a mouth-watering 13,824,000 Danish Kroner, which is about €1,855,000. Out of that little lot, the winner will pick up a tasty €550,000, and the payout will go down to 40th place....more

EPT Copenhagen: Greek tragedy

by Simon YoungFriends Charalampos Tsaoussis and Maximilianos Trigas, both from Greece, have had terrible luck here in Copenhagen. They would certainly empathise with William Shakespeare, who wrote in Hamlet: "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark."The pair, who both qualified in the same PokerStars cash satellite, played on separate...more

EPT Copenhagen: I'm not scared of the Table of Death

by Simon YoungPokerStars qualifier Martin El-Kher (pokerbody) from Denmark has stood up to the perils of the Table of Death - and is enjoying being table boss. He now has about 22,000 and is showing no respect for the likes of Marcel Luske and T J Cloutier.Luske, still bursting into...more

EPT Copenhagen: Plumber plugs leak in game

Flood of chips: Brian CookPlumber Brian Cook is awash with chips after finding quad kings. He hit the monster and trap checked before moving all in - and getting the magical call.Brian, 32, from Indiana in the United States, qualified for this event in a PokerStars 40 frequent player point...more

EPT Copenhagen: Marcel Luske trips up

Shall I run this table or you? Luske and Cloutier chatby Simon YoungThe two giants of poker sat down together and greeted each other like old friends. Which, of course, they are. Marcel Luske and T J Cloutier are neighbours on today's EPT Copenhagen Table of Death, so called because...more

EPT Copenhagen: The Table of Death

Calm before the storm: Table Nineby Simon YoungWe have some poker big guns lining up to open fire here at Day 1B of the EPT Copenhagen. But as so often happens, the table draw has been mischevious - and many of these giants will be training their sights on each...more

Aussie (Millions) hospitality

by Alison Lightman. "Wannabeearmite?" is a traditional Australian greeting, and Dennis Huntly, the 49 year old Australian player who busted out ninth in today's Main Event, has spent a chunk of his $155,000 already, shouting free beers for the evening for anyone in the poker room bar of Crown Casino."I'm...more

Aussie Millions: PokerStars players cash

Eight PokerStars players have finished in the money at the 2007 Aussie Millions. Joint chip leader Jimmy Fricke and short stack Jakob Glassl are still in contention for the title and the $1.5 million first prize. These are their fellow PokerStars players and their winnings:Dennis Petronack 59th place $20 000Adam...more

Aussie Millions: Busted, never daunted

By Alison LightmanIt doesn't tend to take poker players long to bounce back from defeat, certainly not PokerStars players who busted out of the Main Event that we bumped into today, queuing to register for the $550 No Limit Hold'Em Event, and who should be back with his normal gentle...more

Aussie Millions Day 4 chip counts

The elimination of Jakob Glassl shortly before 4pm today has ended final table action in the Main Event of the Aussie Millions. We are down to seven, and play resumes tomorrow. Final chip counts will be posted here when they become available.Gus Hansen 4.5 millionJimmy Fricke 5.175 million (bought in...more

Aussie Millions Day 4

**update**3.50pmJakob Glassl is out of the Main Event in 8th place, an incredible effort given his short stack and the toughness of the field the 22 year old PokerStars qualifier from Germany has endured this week. It wasn't the ferocious Gus Hansen who knocked him out but fellow PokerStars player,...more

EPT Copenhagen: Chip count day 1A

Here you have the chip count of the 78 survivors from day 1A.Chip count day 1A:1 Brent Wheeler 740002 Marco Lucidi 697003 Anton Smolyanskiy 685004 Peter Fischer 594005 Stefan Maglicic 532006 Jonas Helness 531007 Philip Hilm 516008 Anders Berg 486009 Johnny Jensen 4770010 Jan Richard Johannessen 4720011 Erik Lindberg 4640012...more

Jimmy Fricke: Luckbox or Boy Genius?

By Heath Cram. Nobody could disagree that the poker gods have been with PokerStars player and 2007 Aussie Millions chip leader Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke this tournament, as he is certainly using up all of his luck quota, however I would strongly disagree with anyone who says that his performance has...more

17 January

EPT Copenhagen: Goodnight from Denmark

by Simon YoungThat's it for the night. The dealers are racing off the green 25 chips and the 78 players will then bag up their spoils before getting a well-deserved rest.PokerStars qualifier Brent Wheeler, from Illinois, has not only maintained his big stack - but extended it to about 74,000...more

EPT Copenhagen: Drawing to a close

by Simon YoungThe players have been so efficient at knocking each other out that tournament director Thomas Kremser has announced we are on the last level, with blinds of 300-600 and a 75 ante.It looks like PokerStars qualifier Brent Wheeler, who lost some of his commanding chips at one stage,...more

EPT Copenhagen: Wheeler on the move

Wheely well played: Brent Wheelerby Simon YoungPokerStars qualifier Brent Wheeler has raced into the chip lead here in Copenhagen, sitting on just under 60,000 chips, a mile ahead of the 16,000 room average.Brent from Illinois, but now living in Arizona, could have had even more chips when involved in a...more

EPT Copenhagen: Unfair to the ladies

by Simon YoungGerman restaurant owner Thang Duc Nguyen, who won the EPT Baden in October, had no luck today - and the manner of his exit summed it up. Finding Q-Q he pushed, but was met with an A-K caller. In what seemed like cruel board overkill, both an ace...more

EPT Copenhagen: Husband beats wife

Xuyen Pham gives hubbie Steve Vlader (blue jacket) the stareby Simon YoungXuyen "Bad Girl" Pham is one of Europe's top women players. She likes this venue, having finished ninth here last year, and had been doing quite nicely today. Her husband, Steve Vlader, will tirelessly cheer her on from the...more

EPT Copenhagen: Daniel flying the amateur flag

Daniel Phillipsby Simon YoungWhen a new amateur tour was launched in the UK last year, PokerStars was happy to provide official sponsorship. The Amateur Poker Association and Tour (APAT) provides players with the chance to play in well-structured live tournaments, often for the first time.The winner of the first big...more

EPT Copenhagen: Here for free

Branislav Pajicby Simon YoungThis is PokerStars player Branislav Pajic, enjoying his first ever major event thanks to qualifying in a satellite paid for with his frequent player points.Branislav, 24, who plays under the screen name BaneTheSaint, is a machine engineer from Canada, and is here with his brother who is...more

EPT Copenhagen: Isabelle OUT

by Simon YoungTeam PokerStars' Isabelle Mercier is out after running her A-K into aces on a king-high flop. All the chips went in, and with no help on the turn or river, Isabelle was left to pick up her fruit and leave the room.Blinds are now at 75-150, and 180...more

EPT Copenhagen: Scandinavian Poker Awards

by Simon YoungMats Iremark, Bjorn-Erik Glenne, Anina Gundesen, William Thorsson and Johnny LoddenMost poker players need no excuse to party. But last night they were given a special reason with the first ever Scandinavian Poker Awards. Hosted by PokerStars, the event in a swish Copenhagen nightclub saw five players applauded...more

EPT Copenhagen: Stirred, not shaken

by Simon YoungJAMES Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen, who plays sinister poker player Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, is finding out just how hard top-flight poker is in real life. Yet despite being seated on a tough table, he is holding his own.Sat with him are two of Scandinavia's finest -...more

EPT Copenhagen: The heat is on

Casino Copenhagenby Simon YoungI can never get it right. At last year's EPT in Copenhagen, Denmark, there were snow storms - and I was the only man in the country without a coat. This year, after careful preparation, I touched down at the airport wearing a huge overcoat, jumper and...more

Aussie Millions Day 3

by Alison Lightman.Play has officially ended on Day 3 of the Main Event at the Aussie Millions, with 14 players remaining from the original starting field of 747. Jimmy Fricke has been big box office tonight, winning pots from behind and having million dollar swings in his stack. He's developed...more

Aussie Millions: Interview with Lee Nelson

The reigning Aussie Millions Champion, Lee "final table" Nelson, was knocked out in 37th place in Level 3, Day 3 of the Main Event.Applause rang out around the room as the 2006 Champion made his way to the rail and his bride of 12 days, Pen.He was knocked out by...more

Aussie Millions Day 3 chip counts

End of day 3 chip counts.Jimmy Fricke from Mahomet Illinois, who bought into this event with his PokerStars W$, is the clear chip leader in the Aussie Millions. 14 players remain.Here are the final chip counts reported at the close. These figures will be confirmed overnight and a definitive count...more

EPT Copenhagen: Who will be Prince (or Princess) of Denmark?

To fold, or not to fold, that is the question. Or it would have been had William Shakespeare played poker for a living rather than write plays that, to be frank, cause more trauma to modern-day school kids than stewed vegetables dished up by the dinner ladies."Wild Bill" Shakespeare would...more

Aussie Millions Day 2

By Alison LightmanDay2 of the Aussie Millions has come to an end after a marathon 7 ninety minute levels of play that saw the starting field reduce from 299 to 80.Jimmy Fricke is the sensation tonight. The 19 year old who is fresh from a cash finish in the PokerStars...more

16 January

Aussie Millions Day 2 chip counts

At 1.15am the money bubble burst and 80 players and the railbirds erupted in applause.Finishing chip counts were as reported by players below, however these will be confirmed overnight and reported in Day 3's first report.Lee Nelson 192kJoe Hachem 275kJakob Glassl 120k ($530 satellite winner)Giuseppe Famulari OUT ($16 + R...more

Lee's Poker Masterclass

By Sarne Lightman.Patrik Antonius has been dominating the Aussie Millions since Day 1. With a monster pile of some 400k he had been running over his tables, but with Lee Nelson now sitting 4 to his left, he has suddenly found a player he can neither dominate nor intimidate.In the...more

Aussie Millions: Tough day at the office

by Heath Cram.With several key PokerStars players eliminated in Day 1, including 2004 World Champion Greg Raymer, today it is up to the likes of the 2005 WSOP Champion Joe Hachem and 2006 Aussie Millions Champion Lee Nelson to fly the flag for Team PokerStars. 19 year old American Jimmy...more

15 January

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (1-14-07)

2007 is starting out in a big way for the PokerStars Sunday Million. This week, more than 7,600 people showed up and built a prize pool of more than $1.5 million! The international battle ended when SwedisRotKuk walked away with more than $185,000. Final table results are below.PokerStars Sunday Million...more

Aussie Millions Day1 B

**update**12.10amA tired round of applause has just been heard on the tournament floor as the Director uttered the magic words" players, congratulations, you have all made it through to tomorrow".They have the tiresome business of bagging up chips to get through before heading for bed and Day 2 of the...more

Aussie Millions Main Event Day1 A chip counts

Young PokerStars player Jimmy Fricke was a revelation, during Day 1A. He carved up his table during only his third major poker tournament and, according to one of his tablemates, even put the railbirds on tilt. Jimmy was exhausted by the end of the day, having amassed a huge stack...more

14 January

Aussie Millions Main Event Payout Structure

The winner of this year's Aussie Millions is going to take home $1.5 million dollars. The break-up of the prize pool, with 747 entrants, is also going to make a millionaire of the second place finisher. Eighty places will be paid, here's the full list:1st $1.5m2nd $1m3rd $700k4th $500k5th $400k6th...more

The Rise and Rise of (Mini) Master Minh Quach

by Heath Cram.24 year old small business owner from Melbourne, Minh Quach, was one of the revelations to come out of Day 1 at the 2007 Aussie Millions at Crown Casino.In Flight 1 of Day 1 at the Millions, the $16+R PokerStars qualifier built his stack up progressively throughout the...more

Aussie Millions Main Event Day 1A

**1.15am**By Alison LightmanPlayers are halfway through the final Level of the day and their weariness is apparent. With less than half an hour to go, there are 153 remaining from the starting field of 358.The average stack is 41 871 with the blinds at 40/800 and a 100 ante, and...more

PokerStars Party

By Alison LightmanIn a room full of wily and wildly attractive old pro's as gathered for last night's PokerStars Aussie Millions party, you'd think the wild optimism of youth might be scarce.But that would be modesty, and that's not poker is it?"Ma'am, I am going to crush this competition" Jimmy...more

10 January

2007 PCA: Ryan Daut wins $1.5 million in PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Anyone who started the final table today had to be looking at Isaac Haxton's chip stack and thinking, "Well, what am I going to do up against that?" Haxton had around half the chips in play.As it turned out, there was, indeed, a way to win, and Ryan Daut figured...more

2007 PCA: World Championship of Battleship Poker

The second annual World Championship of Battleship Poker was an even bigger success than the first event. Sixty-four people signed up and there was a waiting list a mile long. Big name pros like Joe Hachem, Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, Mimi Tran, and Robert Williamson all played in the event,...more

2007 PCA: Final Table Live Blog

Click refresh here to see the lastest updates of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure final table Note, as we are outside, internet access is spotty at best out here. If we disappear for a bit, that's why. Current blinds: 100,000/200,000/20,0006:05pm--It's over. Ryan Daut wins. He pushes with AdTh and Isaac calls...more

9 January

2007 PCA: Day 4 Ends

Here are the final six players going to the WPT televised final table.Isaac Haxton -- 9,216,000Isaac Haxton is 21 and on a break from Brown University while he plays poker. Over the last two days, Haxton has played big stack poker, and in his words, "hit every flop." Haxton currently...more

2007 PCA: Day 4

Due to issues with Blogger.com, the publishing client that powers the PokerStars Blog, we have been unable to publish the live blog of Day 4. We are working to resolve the issue. In the meantime, here are the final six players left in the 2007 PCA and their chip counts:Issac...more

Day 4: Not-so-live blog

We spent Day 4 running around the poker room keeping up with the action. We couldn't bring it to you live because our content publishing provider decided it was a good time to go out for a powder. While we hated we couldn't bring it to you live, here's how...more

2007 PCA: Isaac Haxton holds chip lead going into Day 4

Isaac Haxton says he's doing "reasonably well." That's a bit of an understatement if you're talking about his chip stack (he was actually talking about his state of mind). Right now, he has a commanding lead over the remaining 16 players in the field. Not bad for a guy who's...more

2007 PCA: End of Day 3 Chip Counts

Isaac Haxton 3,754,000Jon Little 2,084,000Robert Mizrachi 1,798,000Antonio Ribeiro 1,532,000Robert Ford 1,313,000Ryan Daut 1,226,000Scott Clements 1,060,000Justin Bonomo 1,052,000Paul Lui 807,000Frank Rusnak 806,000Jon Friedberg 792,000Joe Marcal 629,000Erik Riise 620,000Mario Silvestri 548,000Luis Chan 433,000Frank Parisi 289,000...more

8 January

2007 PCA: Day 3 Live Blog

For Day 3, Ed, Michelle, and I will be live blogging the event from the poker room. Click refresh to see the latest updates. See the links above for starting chip counts and payout structures.8:57pm--End of Day 3 Chip CountsIsaac Haxton 3,754,000Jon Little 2,084,000Robert Mizrachi 1,798,000Antonio Ribeiro 1,532,000Robert Ford 1,313,000Ryan...more

2007 PCA: Day 2 ends

There are many kinds of victory in a poker tournament. There are those folks who worry about making it through the first day. There are other players who worry about cashing. Finally, there are the champions who look no closer than a first place finish. Over the past two days...more

2007 PCA: Ending Day 2 Chip Counts

Bonomo, Justin -- $475,000 Paul-Ambrose, Steve -- $408,400 Drane, Jonathan -- $386,400 Hart, Jonathan -- $368,100 Little, Jonathan -- $352,200 Friedberg, Jonathan -- $345,200 Carlson, Mike -- $343,200 Fortin, Patrick -- $335,600 Strochak, Jason -- $313,100 Molinari, Matthew -- $310,700 Baldwin, Eric -- $308,900 Lomas, Dane -- $299,900 Haxton, Isaac...more

2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Winners

Starting field: 937Total prize pool: $ 7,063,842Places paid: 180$1,535,255 1. Daut, Ryan$861,789 2. Haxton, Isaac$550,980 3. Ford, Robert$409,703 4. Mizrachi, Robert$317,873 5. Little, Jonathan$247,234 6. Frank Rusnak$187,192 7. Ribeiro, Antonio$151,873 8. Clements, Scott$123,617 9. Friedberg, Jon$98,894 10. Lui, Paul$77,702 11. Bonomo, Justin$59,336 12. Silvestri, Mario$45,915 13. Parisi, Frank14. Chan, Luis15....more

2007 PCA: Day 2 -- And the bubble breaketh

I've often mentioned how much I love the bubble. In my mind, it is often more exciting than a final table. At a final table, the tension is among tenn people. On the bubble, there are dozens and dozens of people sweating the clock and the blinds. That is tension...more

7 January

2007 PCA: The Bubble Approacheth

It is now possible to see the dollar signs in the players' eyes. As we end this level, we're just a few players shy of the money. The stories coming out of today's play remain to be Glen Bean, who has worked his stack up to an impressive 390,000. Last...more

2007 PCA: Day 2's angriest table

While we make out way toward the money, I've been camping out at one particular table for a bit. I was initially drawn there to keep tabs on Gobboboy. As I walked up, he got involved in a hand with a guy I didn't know. Gobboboy raised to around 4,000...more

2007 PCA: Day 2 Money in Sight

It may have been fatigue. It may have been that I didn't have enough caffeine in my system after staying up with the Moneymaker Millionaire finals until 6am. Regardless, for some reason, I didn't believe we were going to make it to the money. Now, it's pretty clear we will....more

2007 PCA: Day 2 battle for the cash

Just two hours into Day 2 of the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, sixty of the 443 who started have found their way to the beach. As the day began, PokerStars announced the details of the 2007 PCA Payout Structure. In a moment, the enormity was clear. One hundred and eighty...more

2007 PCA: Payout structure

Starting field: 937Total prize pool: $ 7,063,842 180 places paid1: $1,535,255 2: $861,789 3: $550,980 4: $409,703 5: $317,873 6: $247,234 7: $187,192 8: $151,873 9: $123,617 10: $98,894 11: $77,702 12: $59,336 13-16: $45,915 17-20: $36,026 21-25: $28,255 26-30: $21,898 31-50: $17,787 51-80: $14,128 81-130: $11,797 131-180: $9,889...more

2007 PCA: Day 2 begins

With 443 players remaining in the field, the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure has kicked off. We expect a full list of payouts to be published in short order. Roving Reporter Ed and I are getting a feel for the field and will be back with a full day of coverage...more

Quillan Nagel wins $1 million in Moneymaker Millionaire Freeroll

by Brad Willis and Michelle WillisHe had $30,000 in student loans. He's supposed to defend his master's thesis next week. Just yesterday, he was donating his time to take notes for the PokerStars Blog. This morning, Quillan Nagel is $1 million richer. This entire event started last summer with each...more

2007 PCA: Day 1B Ends

Chris Lee's rail grew as the night progressed. Some people in the poker room may not know who he is. The online community, however, knows. Some of them know all-too well. Lee doesn't look like the type of guy who would punch you in the gut and the knee you...more

2007 PCA: Beginning Day 2 Chip Counts

Crowe, Owen --202000Chris Lee --174000Baron, Isaac --147800Bryan, Mark --138400Haxton, Isaac --126800Fricke, Jimmy --122500Kats, Michael --122200Lui, Paul --112500Passeron, Thierry --112400Ulriksen, Kristian --112400Iyer, Vishal --110400Shulman, Barry --108400Rousso, Vanessa --105800Sheldon, Paul --105600Hagen, Andreas --103000Yuval, Friedman --100300Bean, Glen --99600Mcstott, Mike --99100Shorr, Shannon --98800Pickett, Michael --98000Madden, Patrick --97600Fortin, Patrick --96800Drane, Jonathan --96100Conkright, John --95500Farris, Michael...more

6 January

2007 PCA: Level 5 (now with less carnage)

So, it's pretty clear that Level 5 was a pretty bad one for some folks. If you missed it, you can look back at this post. In an effort to keep this blog at a PG-13 level, we're all making an effort to avoid the blood and guts currently flowing...more

2007 PCA: Mid-Level Five Carnage

We interupt this level to bring you a post with no pictures. It is simply too graphic to show images of what's happening here.First...an early strong start from Joe Hachem as ended in an early exit. Exact details of how he became shortstacked are unavailable at this moment, but his...more

2007 PCA: Level 4

Missed something?2007 PCA Level 12007 PCA Level 22007 PCA Level 3Moneymaker Millionaire Live BlogTV Table?It appears that fates of gone to battle. Only timing and random draws determine who sits where. In level four, the fates are toying with us. Though there is no TV coverage yet, there are two...more

2007 PCA: Level 3 and Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem is hard to find. Though he is a WSOP and WPT champion, he's hard to recognize today. Behind a pair of dark glasses and alternately wearing and not wearing a denim jacket, Hachem blends easily into the crowd. He's also sitting at a table two to the right...more

2007 PCA: Day 1B Level 2 Action

The floor of the poker room on Day 1BOne of the cool things about PokerStars offering a blog is that it helps a lot of the fans who can't be here keep up with their buddies and favorite players. We're seeing tons of people come in here from 2+2, Neverwin,...more

2007 PCA: Day 1B begins

I was standing with a friend who was sweating her husband in the waning hours of Day 1A. Unlike a lot of wives who retreated to pool or pub, she sat about ten feet from the table. I didn't ask why, but I learned part of the reason when she...more

Moneymaker Millionaire Finals

Editor's note: The Moneymaker Millionaire finals will be running all day today, beginning at 11am ET in the Bahamas. We'll be reporting the action as it happens on live blog. Twenty-seven players from around the world played through 800,000 entries in the $2.5 million freeroll. Now, they are here in...more

2007 PCA: End of Day 1A

Robert Williamson's voice draws attention when he's talking about the time of day. When he's excited, it could detract attention from a 76-trombone parade. I was sweating curzdog three tables over when Williamson's baritone exploded with, "Woahhhhh! The nuts." It seemed everybody at his table was standing and people were...more

2007 PCA: End of Day 1A Chip Counts

Crowe, Owen 202000Haxton, Isaac 126800Fricke, Jimmy 122500Kats, Michael 122200Passeron, Thierry 112400Iyer, Vishal 110400Rousso, Vanessa 105800Sheldon, Paul 105600Hagen, Andreas 103000Pickett, Michael 98000Drane, Jonathan 96100Farris, Michael 94800Jace, Daryl 90500Fields, Kris 88800Levy, Marc 88700Trinh, Minh 82400Ismay, Wesley 81600Pursell, Jeffery 81200Berger, Barry 78000Paul-Ambrose, Steve 76700Rinaldi, Claudio 75800Guinther, Jimmie 70800Sunderland, Charles 70000Deeb, Shaun 68900Aiken, Ryan...more

2007 PCA: Level 5 Nitty Gritty

With one level left to play tonight, it's time to start providing a little more of the nitty and the gritty action. Just before walking in, I watched 2006 PCA final tablist David Singer bust a guy with JJ vs TT all-in pre-flop. Just before that I saw Robert Williamson...more

5 January

2007 PCA: Day 1A Level 4

Missed the action so far? Check out:PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Preludes and PartiesDay 1A beginsDay 1A--Level 2Day 1A--Level 3Note: The action is now moving so fast, the Ed Report has been reduced to a flurry of quickly scratched notes that Ed is leaving beside my laptop. Rather than make this as...more

2007 PCA: Day 1A Level 3 Comprehensive Report

Fighting tooth and nail(s)?Richard Newell's table is not an easy one. While he's not yet used his teeth (near as I can tell), he's been using his nails. How so, you ask?To be sure, Newell, um, nailed his attempt to get on the blog. Richard NewellJust before I met Newell,...more

2007 PCA: In action

With 20,000 in starting chips and comfortable 75-minute levels, I expected some tight action. I was wrong. Check-raising, semi-bluffs, full blown bluffs, and the like are winnowing this field table by table and sad-faced players are making the long walk to the beach.As we end the second level, here are...more

2007 PCA: Day 1A with cards in the air

I've been there, so I know the feeling. One player said to me, "I'm going to take a walk. Get in the right frame of mind."It's those thirty minutes before a tournament kicks off in which, regardless of your experience, there is a nagging feeling just below one's throat. It's...more

2007 PCA: Pre-party in paradise

The Atlantis towers of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Welcome PartyThe best way to get a bunch of poker players together and make them like actually each other is to keep cards and chips at a distance. This accomplishment is not an easy task, but is routinely handled by the PokerStars...more

4 January

2007 PCA: Making sausage

I like food. A lot. I'm the type of guy who will eat a Lucky Dog in the French Quarter or follow my food guru to Michael Mina in Las Vegas. Not only that, I enjoy cooking and am happy to bury my hands in some raw meat. As such,...more

2007 PCA: Home again, home again

The airport smelled the same, a combination of carpet and island humidity. The immigration and customs officials greeted me with the same look of island relaxation I've come to expect when I touch down in the Caribbean. The cab ride cost the same, though I learned if I'd come a...more

1 January

PokerStars Sunday Million results (12-31-06)

The PokerStars Sunday Million kicked of 2007 with a bang. The quarterly $1,050 buy-in drew more than 1,000 players on New Year's Eve. As 2006 turned into 2007, dim--tix rode the celebration all the way to a first place finish and $232,845! Final table results are below.PokerStars Sunday Million Results1....more