May 2007

31 May

PokerStars players support AIDS research

Tournament qualifiers hit Vienna's Lifeball in styleLife itself is a celebration for some people. For three decades, the world has struggled to cope with the worldwide AIDS epidemic. At one time, even a mention of the disease would result in little more than quiet whispers. Today, most people have recognized...more

30 May

PokerStars players hit the red carpet in Cannes

The black limos sat in a line, pitch-colored automotive sharks packed full of some of the world's biggest celebrities. Paparazzi jammed the velvet ropes, looking for that one shot that would earn them their daily nut. The carpet was a color of red that seems reserved for such gala events....more

PokerStars' RikkiTikki: PokerStars Sunday Million Winners

When RikkiTikki won the Sunday Million this week, it was really, really late. I ended up writing something that referred to the winner as a "he." Boy, that was a mistake. I rarely, if ever, slip into sexist writing, especially when it comes to poker players (I learned my lesson...more

29 May

Supernovas explode in month of May

I'll admit, back when PokerStars introduced the PokerStars VIP Club, I wondered just how many people would make it to the then-highest level, Supernova. Even though I understood there were a lot of people who would aim for the stars, if you will, I wasn't necessarily sold on the idea...more

28 May

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (5-27-07)

The PokerStars Sunday Million was once again a huge international affair. The top five players all came from different countries and walked away with big cash. Denmark's RikkiTikki did his her best to make quick work of the big field and walked away with more than $225,000 in winnings. Final...more

23 May

Hit the red carpet in Hollywood

Imagine the Hollywood lights, the flash of the cameras, and the feeling of the red carpet beneath your feet. See yourself walking into one of the biggest premieres in Los Angeles as a VIP star. With a good showing in an upcoming PokerStars' charity tournament, you could rub elbows with...more

21 May

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (5-20-07)

It was a record-setting day in May for the PokerStars Sunday Million. Just 24 hours after PokerStars dealt its ten billionth hand, the biggest Sunday Million in history--10,894 players--kicked off. With $250,000 added to the prize pool, courtesy of PokerStars and the ten billionth hand celebration, the players competed for...more

19 May

justine0003 wins PokerStars' Ten Billionth Hand and $100,000

It happened at a six-handed $.01/$.02 table. More than 100,000 players were packing PokerStars tables. Among those 100,000 were PokerStars players Rechargeable, inwooke, The_Moog, XTedForrestX, Ferius, and justine0003.Suddenly, everything stopped, and the hand number at the top of the Venusia table read: 10,000,000,000. The Big Ten Billion.The commentator popped into...more

16 May

Cannes or bust for PokerStars players

You've likely already read about PokerStars Ocean's Thirteen Darfur Charity tournaments. The events have already gotten started and it's going to mean a very big time for four PokerStars players.Last weekend, those players won trips to Europe for an “Ocean’s Thirteen” Charity event there. On May 24, PokerStars players JaspudUF,...more

14 May

Supernova Elite: Two is company

2007 was a brand new year, full of possibilities and promise. Player BigJoe2003 sent an e-mail to his contact in the PokerStars VIP Club, Scott Y."At the start of the year, he emailed asking what are the rewards for two million and three million VPPs," Scott Y. said. "I thought...more

PokerStars' Hold em 888: PokerStars Sunday Million Winners

PokerStars Hold em 888 (known in real life as Andrew Fazekas) took down this week's Sunday Million for more than $140,000. The 21-year-old Canadian is still enjoying the biggest cash of his young poker career. Here's a bit more on how the Sunday Million can give new life to a...more

PokerStars Ten Billionth Hand Winners

As PokerStars works its way toward its Ten Billionth Hand, it is giving money away to people who play in special milestone hands. Over the course of the promotion, the winners will be recognized here.*=Hand WinnerHand #9900000000 Game: Hold'em Limit ($2/$4)TreypearmoxbamkobUTex_05 jonathancStinkdog1DGAP anunziata*AlBunde NjponyBOY05 Jerzy__Jim*Hand #9901000000Game: Hold'em No Limit ($0.25/$0.50)AnthonyBosci...more

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (5-13-07)

As PokerStars builds its way toward its ten billionth hand, the world's biggest weekly poker tournament played on. This week's Sunday Million drew nearly 6,000 players and built a prize pool of nearly $1.2 million. A deal at the final table guaranteed the top three players some huge money. When...more

The BIG Ten Billion Trivia Answers

The PokerStars BIG Ten Billionth hand is just around the corner. PokerStars has a ton of promotions leading up to the big event. Among those events are a series of Trivia Freerolls. You can get into the freerolls just by answering a trivia question. You can find all the answers...more

11 May

PokerStars Ten Billionth Hand Celebration

I remember driving by McDonald's as a kid and wondering how it long it would take for the "number of hamburgers sold" to change. Back then, it was a simple fascination with the gastronomic and numerical significance. Eventually, McDonald's just gave up counting and took on a fairly Carl Sagan-ish...more

10 May

Ocean's Thirteen Darfur Charity Tournament

Darfur--the western region of the Sudan, Africa -- has suffered a deadly conflict for more than three years. No less than 400,000 people have died. More than two million innocent civilians have fled their homes. In all, 3.5 million men, women, and children depend on international aid for survival.In advance...more

7 May

PokerStars' JB_Dog: PokerStars Sunday Million Winners

JB_Dog has been playing on PokerStars for a long while now, but he's not the type of guy you read about on the big poker forums. He is like most players--a combination of serious and casual play mixed in with the responsibilities of real life. If you watched the final...more

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (5-6-07)

JB_Dog caught the scent of a Sunday Million victory and dogged it from wire to wire. JB_Dog started the final table with the chip lead and took it down without breaking a sweat. More than 6,500 players started the event and JB_Dog finished it off, winning more than $190,000 for...more

ElkY wins race to Supernova Elite

Back in the days before ElkY was a member of Team PokerStars, he burned tracks in the first couple weeks of 2006 to become PokerStars' first Supernova. Most online players--even the high volume folks who see the sun once a week--couldn't believe how fast ElkY made it to what was...more

1 May

PokerStars' MattSuspect: PokerStars Sunday Million Winners

PokerStars MattSuspect took down this week's big Sunday Million for more than $200,000. Many of you have heard of him before or met him at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. If you'd like to learn a little more, here's what he had to say after his big win.About MattSuspectI am 29,...more