PokerStars Ten Billionth Hand Celebration


I remember driving by McDonald's as a kid and wondering how it long it would take for the "number of hamburgers sold" to change. Back then, it was a simple fascination with the gastronomic and numerical significance. Eventually, McDonald's just gave up counting and took on a fairly Carl Sagan-ish "Billions and Billions" sold strategy. It wasn't as much fun after that.

Fortunately, PokerStars isn't counting burgers and the folks there haven't stopped using the abacus. The numbers crunchers in the PokerStars bunker have seen the writing on the wall. PokerStars ten billionth hand is just around the corner. In true PokerStars fashion, the people who hand out the money have opened up their wallets and are getting ready to throw a party more impressive than the biggest whale you've ever encountered at the tables.

On tap for the next couple weeks at PokerStars:

  • A 25% deposit bonus
  • Big cash prizes for being dealt into a milestone hand
  • $100,000 to the winner of the Ten Billionth Hand
  • Added money to The Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up (not to mention other events)
  • Trivia Freerolls--Answer a trivia question, get into a tournament for free
  • Double VIP Player Points

    There is simply too much going on to fit in here. PokerStars has posted all the details on its Ten Billionth Hand Celebration page. Go check it out and start planning your run at picking up some of the free money PokerStars will be throwing around.

    Also, keep your eyes here for a look back at some of the big things that have happened at PokerStars over the past 10,000,000,000 hands. You might just find some answers to the questions for the Trivia Freerolls here.

    Congratulations to PokerStars for making it to Ten Billion!
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