June 2007

30 June

2007 World Series: No-Straight-Saturday

It's been a while since I've uttered any kind of decree. Ever since losing my crown in an ugly game of 17-card Chinese poker, my ability to issue edicts, executive orders, and declarations of divine right has been severely curtailed. That said, with several members of Team PokerStars still alive...more

2007 World Series: The equalizer

The Amazon Room is full of young guns, online poker prodigies, and youthful geniuses who get quite a kick (and quite rich) out of fleecing people two and three times their age. Yeah, they may be young guns, but they aren't one of the Young Guns.In the house tonight is...more

2007 World Series: Two Stars, one final table

Binaries. That's what astronomers call two stars orbit around a common gravitational point. While not necessarily all that uncommon in space, it doesn't happen every day here at the World Series. There have been times--like when Greg Raymer and Barry Greenstein made the same final table in the $1,500 stud...more

2007 World Series: How to make my head explode

It was the 5pm start of yet another tournament here at the World Series. I began it as I normally, walking through the field and looking for familiar faces. There were my buddies Chris "savemyskin" Fargis and a fellow blogger, Garth. And, hey! There's Daniel Negreanu. Best, I get a...more

2007 World Series: Hot Friday

It was the 5am news. I was up late checking in on the HORSE final table and checking in on PokerStars' announcement of the new Asia Pacific Poker Tour tournament series. Back in my room, the local NBC morning news was on. A man with exceptionally...tall...hair told me it was...more

29 June

PokerStars launches Asia Pacific Poker Tour

Over the past several years, PokerStars has sent players far and wide to play in some of the world's richest poker events. From Las Vegas to the Bahamas to Monte Carlo, PokerStars players have won millions upon millions of dollars on all of the world’s biggest poker tournament series. Now,...more

2007 World Series: Isabelle's EV

I'm not sure what it is about my camera and Isabelle Mercier. If she's having a bad day, my pictures come out blurry, grainy, or poor-framed. If she's having a good day, the pictures come out looking like this:I took that picture at 7pm tonight. When it came out looking...more

2007 World Series: Starting over

After five days on the HORSE horse, it's time to climb down and see what else is going on. After Barry Greenstein walked out of the Amazon Room, I assumed I wouldn't see him again before tomorrow. Frankly, I think he assumed the same thing.However, there at table 98 inside...more

28 June

Barry Greenstein takes seventh in 2007 WSOP $50,000 HORSE event

For Barry Greenstein to win today, it was going to take more than just his exceptional poker skill. It was going to take getting a little lucky, and, frankly, not getting unlucky.Beginning with the second-shortest stack at the table, Barry was still nauseous after losing more than half his stack...more

2007 World Series: $50,000 HORSE Final Table Pre-Game

A member of ESPN crew just stole my watch. He sidled up, directed my attention in another way through a clever bit of trickery and deceit, and then pocketed my watch (remarkably, a replacement for one that was snatched while I was working a few months ago). This guy left...more

2007 World Series: Barry Greenstein makes $50,000 HORSE final table

There was little doubt in anybody's mind the final table the World Series $50,000 HORSE World Championship would feature a final table with some of the world's biggest poker professionals. There was little doubt in my mind that my duties covering Team PokerStars would find me at that final table...more

2007 World Series: Greenstein's gift and Raymer's exit

When waiting for three minutes for Bruno Fitoussi to make a call, there are little things you notice in the crowd surrounding the TV table of the $50,000 HORSE World Championship. For instance, 16 people are wearing baseball caps. Two men are wearing cowboy hats. One guy is sporting a...more

2007 World Series: Why the long face?

With the bubble now a twinkling sprinkle in the air, the work of making the final table in the $50,000 HORSE World Championship began. Sixteen players, most all of them easily-recognized pros. ESPN, ever watching for a good story, switched up the TV table. Team PokerStars Barry Greenstein found his...more

27 June

2007 World Series: HORSE in the money

Barry Greenstein and Justin Bonomo were in step together as they walked the long hallway that leads to the Amazon Room. I stepped in beside them. Last we spoke, neither was in a good mood. Both had chips at the dinner break last night. Both had a rough go of...more

2007 World Series: Work horses

Whatever the players in the $50,000 HORSE event had for dinner, they all shared the same dessert: Lose three players and you're done for the day. With 24 runners remaining, Team PokerStars' Greg Raymer, Barry Greenstein, and Daniel Negreanu all went to dinner and came back ready to make it...more

2007 World Series: A new track

There is a point in which the important of an event is not only palpable in the movement of chips from one stack to another or the anxious looks on the players' faces. Now, that the HORSE event is down to the final few tables, the importance of the event...more

26 June

2007 World Series: Featured HORSE

ESPN has been stalking the $50,000 HORSE tournament for the past few days, collecting b-roll footage and waiting for...well, today. With just a few more than 50 players left in the big one, ESPN has moved one of the tables to the main stage. In a Series where no event...more

2007 World Series: Keeping the dream alive

The last time I had walked through the HORSE tournament area, Greg Raymer was on life support. I couldn't bear to watch the end. I feel like a cooler so often that I don't need any more reason to dislike myself. It wasn't long after that I saw Greg walking...more

2007 World Series: My dream HORSE final table

Around here, a lot of folks are participating in fantasy poker drafts and betting on who will make final tables and win bracelets. Me, I'm participating in a little fantasy of my own. It involves a dream finial table in the $50,000 HORSE event. Of course, based on my focus...more

2007 World Series: If it's not HORSE...

I stepped into the elevator here at the Rio the other night. It was packed--some, like a fire marshal, might say "dangerously over packed"--with Vegas revelers."Be Scottish!" said one of the tourists."I'm not exactly Scottish," I replied."Be Scottish!"And then the entire elevator--some 14 people with too much of the drink...more

2007 World Series: HORSE gets serious

I spent the afternoon looking for signs that the HORSE event was holding onto the relaxed atmosphere it projected through most of Day 1. I looked for Isabelle to be talking about "the most fun she's had in her life" or Greenstein to be betting big with somebody at his...more

25 June

2007 World Series: Back in the saddle

I've decided that I will not ask Barry Greenstein about how much he lost in props to Eli Elezra last night. First of all, it's none of my business (nor, by extension, yours). Second, he's got better work to do than keep me up to date on his side action....more

2007 World Series: Blind Horse

Greg Raymer was passing out Dentyne Ice to the people at his table. Robert Mizrachi took a piece. Jennifer Harman did not. "How are the other Team PokerStars players doing?" he asked. I gave him the rundown. Barry was doing well, Victor was down a bit. Everybody else was treading...more

2007 World Series: HORSE dead meat

Nolan Dalla is more than the Media Director for the World Series. He is often its voice. His timbre and tone are unmistakable on the PA system. This evening, as the players in HORSE event prepared to take their dinner break, Dalla announced all the players would be receiving, gratis,...more

2007 World Series: Unprecedentedly fun

I was sweating Barry Greenstein in today's $50,000 HORSE event. I will occasionally eavesdrop, but try not to get involved in conversations unless invited in. Nick Schulman handed Barry his phone and Barry shook his head. I figured there was some sort of prop bet in the works when Barry...more

24 June

2007 World Series: When a HORSE is not a horse

The American flag on top of the Rio is being blown flat by the desert winds that pressed in this morning. The palms around the hotel are shaking like they are ready to face a hurricane. Inside the Rio, the Amazon room is as quiet as it is at 4am....more

2000 World Series: $1,500 No-Limit Exclusive

The dinner break in today's $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em tournament saw a little more than 500 players remaining out of the 2,780 who began. The carnage throughout the day had left just about any player flying the PokerStars flag a tattered mess. I was killing time while the players ate when...more

23 June

2007 World Series: Upstream

Imagine a locker room at halftime of a NFL game. A few dozen sweaty people leave the playing field in a mix of urgency and fatigue. All look for a few moment's respite and maybe a chance to hit the head. Now, imagine if the team had 2,700 players on...more

2007 World Series: Looking ahead

Sometimes, in an effort to see a story from beginning to end, one has to make predictions or hint at them. When Joe Hachem began the day running over the the Pot-Limit Hold'em field, it was only natural to get that tingle of excitement and call back his two big...more

2007 World Series: Sound familiar?

I couldn't quite put my finger on it. There was this niggling tickle somewhere in the area of my medula oblongata that said, "Pssst, you're missing something." Still, I couldn't figure it out.It's not a massive field for the $2,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em tournament today, but it's impressive enough that it's...more

22 June

2007 World Series: Spoiled rotten

I've simply been spoiled since I sat down here at the World Series. If each day didn't begin with "Which final table are we covering?" it began with "who is going to make a final table today?" That is to say, as I focus on the PokerStars players who have...more

2007 World Series: The light of the 'Stars

In the past few days, there have been a ton of great stories coming out of the World Series. More often than even I have been able to cover, there is usually a subtitle that involves PokerStars. Just the other day, PokerStars Supernova Shankar825 (known in public as Shankar Pillai)...more

21 June

2007 World Series: Part 3 - $2,000 Stud Final Table With Daniel Negreanu

Part 1Part 2At the first break, Daniel Negreanu doesn't disappear for long. Greg Pappas busted out in the final moments of the last level and Daniel seems like he doesn't want to leave his early-days rush unattended. Daniel is standing alone on the stage, eager."You have two minutes and twenty...more

2007 World Series: Part 2 - $2,000 Stud Final Table With Daniel Negreanu

Part 1Ten years ago, Daniel Negreanu found a role model in Greg Pappas. Today, they are peers, with even Greg admitting that Negreanu has become a much better player over the years."Luckier for sure," Daniel said last night.Now a seasoned pro, Negreanu has become a role model to many and...more

2007 World Series: $2,000 Stud Final Table With Daniel Negreanu

It's vegetarian chili, I'm sure. Daniel Negreanu doesn't cotton to chili packed with dead animal. It's in a small white cup and he's shoveling it into his mouth with a black plastic spoon while talking with Gavin Smith about one of the many side bets going on around here. It's...more

2007 World Series: Negreanu final tables...again

Daniel Negreanu was chatty today. Most of the last three hours of the night was as much a practice in coffee housing with Greg Pappas as it was a game of tournament stud poker. Pappas, a member of the pre-televised poker generation, was explaining to the rail that the only...more

2007 World Series: Can PokerStars FPPs turn to gold?

There are a lot of benefits to achieving Supernova status in the PokerStars VIP club. Just ask Keith Block. The PokerStars Supernova used some of his FPPs to buy into this year's World Series $5,000 No-Limit Heads Up Championship. After two days of play, Block is now among the elite...more

2007 World Series: Another final table for Team PokerStars?

It's been said that poker players will complain about anything--even being given carte blanche to complain. That said, there were a lot of right-thinking people who validly groused last year that the World Series was a bit too hold'em-centric. Among those players was Team PokerStars' Daniel Negreanu. Daniel Negreanu, courtesy...more

2007 World Series: Finding Terrence

I was sitting in the hallway watching the tape-delayed feed of the heads-up match between Terrence Chan and Hoyt Corkins. The $2,500 short-handed no-limit event was in its third and final day and, based on the fact the real-time match was still going on, I felt good about Terrence's chances....more

2007 World Series: Outside the box

Updated belowWe can only assume Terrence Chan is still alive in the $2,500 short-handed no-limit hold'em event. The assumption is based on the fact that a closed circuit TV shows him among the final four players left at the table. That said, the closed circuit TV is on an hour...more

20 June

2007 World Series: Tourney in a box

You never know what's going to happen around here. For a long while, there was held a great assumption that today's $2,500 Short-Handed No-Limit Final Table would be on the ESPN main stage. Now, that is not to be. Instead, the tournament is being held in what some members of...more

2007 World Series: Katja Thater, Team PokerStars member, wins bracelet

There is a lot of controversy about whether Babe Ruth actually pointed to the centerfield wall in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series and subsequently bashed the ball over the far wall. Many fans and historians insist it happened and refuse to believe otherwise, while others just consider it...more

2007 World Series: Terrence Chan makes final table

"How are you even still in this tournament?" I asked. It was a question I knew the answer to, but wanted to see how Terrence Chan responded.Terrence is a guy who rarely takes a lot of credit for anything and takes bad beats as well as just about anybody. Still,...more

2007 World Series: Men in the Men's

Some of the finest reporting coming out of the World Series--or at least the most entertaining--has just come from underneath a men's room stall door. In for a quick break, I saw Men the Master heading into the stall. His feet turned forward, there was a moment of silence, and...more

19 June

2007 World Series: Heads up!

Twenty-some years ago, if someone said "heads up," I'd be looking for the ball that was about to fall on my head. For the past ten years, if someone said "heads up," I would think about poker. These days, as a daddy, I can't hear the words "heads up" without...more

2007 World Series: Manic Monday

Updated belowMonday counts as likely the oddest day I have ever spent covering tournament poker. It's fair to say that I end most days here saying, "Well, I guess I've seen it all now." And then, the next day, something else happens. It seemed that the entire room was on...more

2007 World Series: Champion vs. Champion

"Why are you watching this table?" a friend asked me as I sat watching one six-handed table for an inordinate amount of time.The question was a joke. Although the field was stacked, the table in the middle of the room was The Table worth watching. "It's the first time Greg...more

2007 World Series: Seventeen steps with Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is wearing a comfortable pair of rubber-soled black slip-ons. In a juking running back-style gait, it is 17 of his steps from Table 34 to Table 58. Like Ladanian Tomlinson, his eyes are never set short. He's looking 30 feet away at his next move. Greenstein is the...more

18 June

2007 World Series: Raymer welcomes Hachem back to Series

Conspicuous in his early absence at the World Series was Team PokerStars' 2005 champ Joe Hachem. I was aware he was coming in this weekend, but wasn't sure which event he'd jump into upon his arrival. It turned out to be today's $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em short-handed event. His starting table...more

Stars sign prize baize for ‘Ocean’s Thirteen Charity Tournament’

Now here's a scene you don't see everyday outside of the silver screen. The producer and stars of Hollywood blockbuster 'Ocean's Thirteen' taking time out to sign a PokerStars' poker baize and copies of the movie on DVD. The stellar cast was reunited at the Hotel Du Cap in Cannes,...more

2007 World Series: PokerStars awards 220 Main Event seats in mega satellite

As has become almost a custom in the big PokerStars events, the online poker giant guaranteed 150 World Series Main Event seat packages in its mega-sat and the players blew the guarantee away. Tonight, PokerStars awarded 220 World Series Main Event seat packages in its big mega satellite. Congratulations to...more

2007 World Series: Coming in from the desert

In Dallas, storms pounded DFW airport. It was so bad, at least as rumor had it, that the airport actually shut down for two hours this morning. The line for the flight to Vegas was as deep as the number of seats on the plane--deeper, even--and nobody but me seemed...more

17 June

2007 World Series: Win one of at least 150 seats in Main Event

Just 12 hours remain in my time away from the arid confines of Las Vegas. By this time tomorrow, I will be back on the tournament floor and digging for the stories, back stories, and tall tales that come out of the World Series.Also by that time, PokerStars' mega World...more

14 June

2007 World Series: Team PokerStars' day at the final tables

It was a monster day for Team PokerStars at the World Series. Today alone, four members of the Team spread out around three final tables. Team PokerStars' newest member Daniel Negreanu attacked the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em shootout event and made it all the way to the final table. After an...more

13 June

2007 World Series: Katja, Humberto, ElkY, oh my!

Brenes, Thater, ElkY, Raymer, Negreanu--ALL make final tables!Even the business types around the World Series know that people need a breather after a while. If you wander the hallways outside the main tournament area, you'll find an oxygen bar where anyone can sit down for a snoot-full of prettied-up air.Oxygen...more

PokerStars players hit Hollywood

For most people, getting to walk the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere is something that they'll only see on TV. For four PokerStars players, it became a reality at the American premiere of "Ocean's Thirteen."James Bryce, Larry Fisher, Fred Halling, and Po Han were the winners among the hundreds...more

12 June

2007 World Series: Katja Thater makes final table

It's been a good summer for Katja Thater. It's only been a few days since her sweetheart Jan Von Halle made the final table of the $1,000 no-limit hold'em event. Now, Katja is headed to her own final. Just minutes ago, Katja and eight other ladies finished up for the...more

11 June

2007 World Series: Mondays are fun

In the regular workaday world, Mondays are cause for concern. They mark the beginning of what is sure to be another five days in the dog-eat-dog worker bee world. In poker, especially at the World Series, Mondays are merely another day in the life. The only difference you can see...more

Daniel Negreanu joins Team PokerStars

This morning, PokerStars announced the arrival of poker legend Daniel Negreanu as the latest addition to Team PokerStars.Negreanu is widely accepted as one of poker’s true legends. His ability to read players, spot the best action and mentor fresh talent -- in addition to his 'nice guy' table image –...more

2007 World Series: Team PokerStars scoring big

In the past 24 hours, three members of Team PokerStars have made final tables at the World Series. The most recent was Humberto Brenes who won $197,348 in the $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em World Championship.To read the whole story check out:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Early this morning, Barry Greenstein and Greg...more

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (6-10-07)

As the World Series gets into swing, the Sunday Million again proved to be a proving ground for the tournament circuit. Nearly 7,000 people played in this week's event. A three-way chop guaranteed the top three players big money. When it was over, dangdokodang took first place. Final table results...more

2007 World Series: Part 4 - $5,000 PL Hold'em Final Table

Part 1Part 2Part 3Joe Patrick ran a heckuva bluff last night to stay alive and make it to this final table. He pushed with a little pair and a gutshot to Keith Lehr's overpair. Lehr thought for an age before folding. Today, Patrick showed little to none of the man...more

2007 World Series: Part 3 - $5,000 PL Hold'em Final Table

Part 1Part 2Watching this final table makes me realize how much poker has changed. In the history of final tables, perhaps the most radical thing that had happened in recent memory was the outdoor final table in 1997--an experiment that was not repeated. Now, if it's not radical, it's unusual.Take...more

2007 World Series: Part 2 - $5,000 PL Hold'em Final Table

Part 1And so, Alan Jaffray's hat. B.J.'s crack reporting revealed that Spencer Sun wore it when he won the Tournament of Champions six or seven years ago. Jaffray's face somehow reminds me of the John Prine song, "Illegal Smile" as the cards get tossed around the table. The hat and...more

10 June

2007 World Series: $5,000 PL Hold'em Final Table

Part oneIf I were an aged southern belle who had never seen a televised poker event until today, I would have a few questions. Like, why is Gavin Griffin's hair cut into a hot pink mohawk? Why does Humberto Brenes carry toy sharks around in his pocket? Good lord, did...more

2007 World Series: The forgotten final table

It was 3am when the $1,500 Seven Card Stud event reached the final eight. Scheduled to be a two-day tournament, the second day had dragged long into the night. As it happened, I found Team PokerStars' Greg Raymer in the bathroom. He'd been asked by the tournament directors to fill...more

2007 World Series: Raymer and Greenstein make final table...together

It was sure to be a late night as this event was schedule to only run two days. Now nearly 3am, the $1,500 Seven Card Stud event has reached the final eight. It was a great field throughout and the final eight feature none other than Team PokerStars' Barry Greenstein...more

2007 World Series: Late night comin'

Saturday has turned into Sunday here at the World Series and three members of Team PokerStars had best find themselves a pot of coffee.ElkY is still sitting well in the the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em event that began today at noon. That event is just about to hit the money and...more

2007 World Series: Shark back in the water

It took less than 45 minutes after the dinner break to set the star-studded table for the $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em championship. And who be there? Well, you guessed it. Humberto Brenes has made his second $5,000 final table of this year's World Series. This marks his 45th World Series cash.He'll...more

2007 World Series: Eye on Humberto?

Some people like Humberto Brenes' shark card capper. Some people don't.Keith Lehr does not.Mid-way through the last level, Lehr grew a little tired of Humberto and said, "Hey, why don't you pull out that shark now. I'll give him something to eat."Lehr put his head in his hands. Two seconds...more

2007 World Series: Living and dying on five streets

"Do you know where we can get a medic?"One of the tournament directors looked only vaguely troubled. One of his colleagues pointed to the security stand and said, "Tell them."The first tournament director pulled one of the ubiquitous microphones up to his mouth and started to call for security when...more

2007 World Series: Seven-Card Studs

"This is supposed to be a two-day event, right?"Bill Chen was eying the $1,500 Seven-Card stud tournament. After playing most of the night last night, the players just came back for a 4pm PDT start and with 130-some players left in the field, the possibility of finishing in two days...more

9 June

2007 World Series: Top pros seek championship bracelets

There's something pretty interesting going on at this year's World Series. While all the lower buy-in events have been slammed with massive and sometimes record-breaking fields, they aren't seeing as many of the top, well-known pros. That's because a lot of he well-rolled, name-players are stacking the bigger buy in...more

2007 World Series: A fad, indeed

This morning, as I was preparing for what is sure to be a long day, I got a voicemail message from a guy I haven't heard form in more than two years. I was sure Greenwood Phil had dropped off the face of the earth. And maybe he has. All...more

2007 World Series: Jan Two-Times?

In the movie "Goodfellas," there is a character who gets little screen time but remains--if only for his name--one of my favorite guys in the movie. They call him Jimmy Two Times, because...well, he says everything two times. Tonight, as I sweated the $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event, two things became...more

2007 World Series: Worldwide Heater

In the three or so years I've been writing blogs for PokerStars, I've been fortunate to meet a lot of young players in various places around the globe. Not only do these guys have an insane understanding of the game, they have one additional quality that some of their contemporaries...more

8 June

2007 World Series: A week in the books

People around here--whether they be players, dealers, or journalists--remind each other of the following on a regular basis: The World Series is not a sprint. It's a marathon. You can't win a bracelet on your first day, your first tournament, or in the first week. This Series is seven weeks...more

2007 World Series: Three for three

The $1,500 six-handed no-limit hold'em event was down to 127 players. One hundred twenty-six paid. With more than 1,400 starters, the players were about to reach the money in seemingly record time. As often happens on the bubble, hand-for-hand play slowed the tournament down to a crawl. Hands were taking...more

2007 World Series: At sea with the dolphin

If you do a Google search for "killer dolphin," you end up with a lot of results about a likely urban legend surrounding trained Navy SEAL dolphins with blowdarts mounted on their heads. If you'd searched the Amazon Room at the Rio for a killer dolphin, you'd have found him...more

2007 WSOP: Events a plenty

This year's World Series is like satellite TV compared to the days before cable television. In the past, you were lucky to see more than one event playing at the same time at the World Series. Now, spectators can watch just about any kind of event they want.Here's what's going...more

7 June

2007 WSOP: Jan Von Halle scores final table finish

Yesterday afternoon, I walked up to Jan Von Halle and asked how he was doing."I'm stressed," he said. "I'm in wo tournaments at once."Not only was he into the $1,000 re-buy event for $10,000. He also had a stack in the $2,000 no-limit hold'em event...which he was barely playing. I...more

2007 WSOP: PokerStars blogger makes final table

Breaking news: It is with both pride an envy that I announce PokerStars German blogger Jan Von Halle has made the final table of the $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em re-buy event. While I'm greener than the felt on the tables, I can take comfort in the fact that Jan was playing...more

2007 WSOP: Truths

If we venture into the realm of things that don't involve math, pot odds, implied odds, implied tilt odds, and the price of a re-heated hamburger (all easily calculated figures here at the World Series), there are are several loose truths that occupy the time of a working poker journalist.Stud...more

2007 WSOP: Another first breath

We started this day breathing the conditioned air surrounding the EPSN final table. Humberto Brenes sat down in the one seat and did his best to shark and shank his way to a third World Series bracelet. Today, it was not to be.With that, we head back out onto the...more

6 June

2007 WSOP: $5K PLO Final Table with Humberto Brenes

Thirty minutes remained before the final table of the $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha final table was to begin, Humberto Brenes was standing at tableside on the phone. From the speaker, I could hear rapid-fire Spanish. I could only assume it was coming from Brenes' native Costa Rica.His hand over the receiver,...more

2007 WSOP: We're going to need a bigger boat

Humberto Brenes just hadn't been himself all day. After a Monday that was a lot like a summer day on Amity Island, Humberto Brenes' shark found himself in shallow waters today in the $5,000 PLO re-buy event. Many members of the media commented that Brenes had been unusually quiet, and...more

2007 WSOP: OmahaEd nearly clinches bracelet

At the start of the day, no one really thought Ed "OmahaEd" Tonnellier had a shot at the bracelet. In fact, he didn't even think he had a shot in the $2,500 Omaha. At 3pm, he was already making plans to register for the 5pm Omaha/Stud Hi-Lo event. He was...more

2007 World Series: The Official Nut

"Wait, wait. See," he said, digging in his pocket.Humberto Brenes is an imposing man. He stand tall, wide in the shoulders, and has a face that--if it weren't always smiling--could be fierce. With a tip of the hat to Dr. David Banner, I wouldn't like to see him angry.Brenes' hand...more

2007 WSOP: OmahaEd living up to his name

A couple of hours ago, OmahaEd was pretty much counting himself out. He was short-stacked going into the final table and didn't have many bets in his arsenal. In fact, he was already eying a $2,500 Omaha event scheduled to start at 5pm. That was his plan, anyway.There are two...more

5 June

2007 World Series: OmahaEd makes final table

Around the PokerStars tables, the named OmahaEd is just one of those names you've come to expect to see. A Supernova in the PokerStars VIP Club, OmahaEd (sometimes known as Ed Tonnellier) is just one of those guys everybody seems to like.Today, OmahaEd will sit down at his first World...more

2007 WSOP: Scenes from re-buy madness (Updated)

Updated belowI'd been sweating Barry Greenstein in the $5,000 PLO re-buy event for about half an hour before he noticed me standing on the other side of Ram Vaswani. For the past couple of hours, he'd been writing on the back of tournament entry ticket. I suspected what was up,...more

2007 WSOP: The Sickest Tournament

It's 100 degrees in Las Vegas today. And windy. Outside the Rio, giant umbrellas have been erected over giant fans. The fans blow cool mist, which evaporates almost as quickly as it leaves the fans' blades. The desert winds push back against the fans, and one has to be careful...more

4 June

2007 WSOP: Rinse and repeat?

Many years ago, a friend of mine talked about something he called The Shampoo Effect."You ever notice how, after you shampoo your hair, if you follow the directions to rinse and repeat, it takes a lot less shampoo to do the job on the second time around?" he asked. He...more

PokerStars Sunday Million Results (6-3-07)

Sometimes a good deal is hard to pass up. After more than 7,000 players started the June 3 Sunday Million, the final table was all about a good deal. The top five players all decided on a chop. After the deal was in place, the UK's pokerjoel1 walked away with...more

3 June

2007 World Series: Steve Paul-Ambrose starts it right (Updated)

Updated belowThis was the Steve Paul-Ambrose I met in January of 2006.He was quiet, unassuming, and decidedly unlike most of the other folks of his poker generation. At the time, he was also $1.3 million richer after winning the 2006 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. A lot of people in Steve's position...more

2 June

2007 World Series: Don't doubt Greenstein (Updated)

Updated belowI try not to be a fanboy. I've spent the last few years hanging around some of the best poker players in the world. I should be less than giddy by now. I should be calm. I mean, once Greg Raymer has cooked you a steak, one should be...more

1 June

2007 World Series: Multi-Casino-ing With Barry Greenstein (Updated)

(Updated below)Before the first cards leave the dealers' hands, the first major story of the 2007 World Series has already begun.I just got off the phone with Team PokerStars' Barry Greenstein. It was the kind of conversation I shared with him during last year's World Series. In 2006, Greenstein slept...more

Dawn breaks on 2007 World Series

In 2005, I stood with my seat assignment in my hand and looked across what seemed like the back 40 of a rural Missouri farm. Instead of corn, though, I only saw tables and chairs. My spot, Table 2--Seat 1, was far enough away that it could've been an ear...more

2007 World Series of Poker news and results

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