2007 World Series of Poker news and results


PokerStars Blog 2007 World Series Main Event Coverage

PokerStars World Series Winners

Day 1A

Begin the Big'un -- The 2007 World Series Main Event Begins

ElkY off to a flyer -- Supernova Elite starts strong

PokerStars Qualifiers Tip the Tables as Day 1A Begins -- PokerStars flags flying everywhere

In search of the nuts -- davebreal, barny156, and Mr. Peanut

More Glory for Cory -- Cory Zeidman returns to deliver more beat downs

Wisdom among the dunces -- An owl presides, a Ramdin abides

Badih "LEB_BEL" Bounahra Hopes the Third Time's a Charm -- The Belize Bomber looks deep

Royal Flush Rubdown -- What you can win with a Royal Flush, besides chips

Who got the look? -- PokerStars style at the World Series

Daniel Snowden survives buzzsaw table -- PokerStars qualifier builds early stack

The Stack that Hal Built -- Hal England cancels Everybody Loves Raymond

Day 1B

Day 1B set for the lucky -- Luckiest day in a century

Duthie's on Tap and Running Hot -- EPT creator starts strong

Alan Smurfit's New Card Protector -- The best card protector a card player can have

Doing it for real -- Fantasy Land at the World Series

Vamooooooo Brazil -- Brazil invades World Series

His face rings a bell -- Blogger encounteres nemesis doing well in Series

Rob "Vaga_Lion" Akery Aches for the Big Score -- From microstakes to big games

Two writers and a blouse-- Distractions for two writer/players

Un-tilt-- Getting happy at the World Series

A Big Move from "NVme5" and "gunning4you" -- PokerStars qulaifiers play different styles

Adam takes on the big boys -- Wading through the pros

Day 1C

Day 1C marks big turnout -- Biggest flight of Day 1

Fossilman arrives -- A interview with a world champion

Licensed to thrill -- What's on your vanity plate?

Bernie is back FPP winner from 2005 makes it big in 2007

Hachem the railbird -- When Hachem is on the rail who does he watch?

Feature table with Chris Moneymaker -- Another world champion on the featured table

Battle of the network stars -- Celebs in the crowd

Rousso's blind aggression -- Pretty lady, tough in the blinds

Anticipation of tilt -- Anger and nicotine in the main event

Sunday Million Results (trust me, worth the story) -- It's a small world after all

Gladys' Night (and the chips) -- Lady in waiting

Day 1D Coverage

Jeff Norman, World Series Chip Leader -- PokerStars player takes overall chip lead

Negreanu's early wobble -- Steady on the table, tilty off

Granny to the rescue -- God bless, Granny

Like Peas in a Pod -- Forum pals play same day at Series

Rudolf's Just Desserts How sweet it is for a poker playing chef

Big moves early on Day 1D -- Happy German starts strong

RaiNKhAN, the Freshmaker SNG king sings, runs good, amd munches on candy

Crunching numbers for dinner -- World Series by the numbers

A Razor Slashes at the Table -- Phanning out

The Six Dollar Man -- Not a freeroll, but close

PokerStars Live! -- What is PokerStars were even more real?

Day 2A

A New Day -- Day 1 finally gone, Day 2 begins

Blood Sweat And Tears -- The carnage of Day 2

Rain Storm A Comin' -- Jeff "mrrain" Banghart

Has Anyone's See ElkY's Lobster? -- ElkY oit of luck?

When You Don't Want to Go Home -- Clinging to life at the World Series

Playing the Big and Short Stack -- Staying alive

Chasing the Lizard King -- Childhood chums live it up in the poker world

The Midas Touch -- Blogger good luck charm good for Mexican attorney

Day 1-ers make it through tough field

Day 2B

Fasten your seatbelts

Chip leader Jeff Norman surfs in

Moneymaker on fire

Four places, four faces

How to play small stacks, how to play big stacks


RaiNKhaN meet Gus, Gus meet RaiNKhaN

When Stars collide

Jacks beat up kings again

RaiNKhaN set to meet mrrain in Day 3

Day 3

The bubble cometh

The Run to the money

From Mexico to Las Vegas

Brazil Still In Action

Hungry Humberto

Floating with the bubble

Dinner without Duthie

Marco Mills Mints a Multitude of M's

Day of the Dario

Day 4

Day 4 of the Dario?

Dario: I won't be stupid

Dario takes a hit

Shark in deeper waters

Josh Evans eyes final table

Ryan Lawrence

Dario takes Hit(s)

I am the weatherman

Han's Handy Hands

lol donkaments

World Series PokerStars Winners

Day 4 at Crystal Lake

Day 5

Alive in Day Five

The Wheel of Misfortune

Personality and poker

The Four Horsemen of the featured table

Winston has the nuts

Ryan's Slaughter

Jason Welch form the brink

Where we've been

A different kinf of rain dance

The View through Roy Winston's eyes

Day 5 of the online kings

Day 6

Roy's 4's

Lazy Sunday

Scott Freeman's Magic


Patience is a virtue

John Armbrust from the felt

Big han's for BABYHAN

Strong Rain forecast

John Armbrust's finish

Almost Everybody Loves Raymond Rahme

RaiNKhaN storms up leaderboard

Three PokerStars Players at final table

Final Table

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 1)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 2)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 3)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 4)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 5)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 6)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 7)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 8)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 9)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 10)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 11)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 12)

2007 World Series: Final Table Coverage (Pt. 13)

PokerStars Blog 2007 World Series Preliminary Event Coverage

2007 World Series of Poker Begins--The PokerStars Blog begins its third year of World Series coverage

Multi-Casino-ing With Barry Greenstein--Team PokerStars' Barry Greenstein plays a WPT event and WSOP event at the same time

Don't Doubt Greenstein -- Barry Greenstein begins Day 2 of $5,000 Mixed Hold'em event with near-average stack after missing the first five hours

Steve Paul-Ambrose starts it right--First event clears space for Steve Paul-Ambrose at final table

Rinse and repeat?-- Team PokerStars' Steve Paul-Ambrose places fourth in $5,000 Mixed Hold'em event

The Sickest Tournament--$5,000 PLO re-buy, sick with top pros

Scenes from re-buy madness--behind the scenes stories from $5,000 PLO re-buy event.

OmahaEd makes final table--Trip report from OmahaEd

OmahaEd lives up to his name -- In-game report on OmahaEd at the final table

The Official Nut -- Humberto Brenes fighting for further Omaha glory

OmahaEd just misses bracelet -- It's close but no cigar at OmahaEd's first World Series final table

Going to need a bigger boat -- Humberto Brenes makes PLO rebuy final table

Humberto Brenes PLO Rebuy Final Table Report Table-side with the shark

Another first breath -- Catch up with Team PokerStars

World Series Truths -- From stud to re-buys, not-so-universal truths

PokerStars blogger makes final table -- Jan Von Halle makes $1,000 re-buy final table.

Jan Von Halle's final table finish -- Ninth place in $1,000 rebuy

Events aplenty -- Too many events to watch at once

At sea with the dolphin -- A final table with Supernova Dolph "dolphin" Arnold

Three for three -- Steve Paul-Ambrose can't stop winning

A week in the books -- One week down, six to go

Worldwide Heater -- Four young guns who you can't hate

Jan Two-Times -- Jan Von Halle still alive in $5,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em

A fad, indeed -- $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em event pulls massive crowd

Big events, big names -- Top pros seek championship titles

Seven Card Studs -- Team PokerStars' players in Day 2 of Stud event

Living and Dying on Five Streets

Eye on Humberto (if you missed this one, you really should read it)

Shark back in the water -- Humberto Brenes at second final

Forgotten Final Table -- Greenstein and Raymer make $1,500 stud table

Humberto Brenes at $5,000 Pot Limit Hold'em Final Table Part One

...Part Two

...Part Three

...Part Four

Team PokerStars scores big -- Humberto, ElkY, and Katja running strong

Mondays are fun -- Negreanu joins PokerStars, Katja shoots for bracelet

Katja Thater makes final table -- Katja showing the ladies how it's done

Breather -- Four members of Team PokerStars at three final tables

Team PokerStars days at the final table

Coming in from the desert -- The return to Las Vegas

Raymer welcomes Hachem -- Joe Hachem arrives at World Series and finds Greg Raymer waiting for him

Seventeen steps with Barry Greenstein -- How to multi-table two Series events

Champion vs. Champion -- Joe Hachem and Greg Raymer square off at same table

Manic Monday -- When the World Series gets...odd.

Heads up! -- World Series hosts $5,000 heads-up championship

Men in the Men's -- Men the Master reports on Katja Thater from a men's room stall

Terrence Chan makes final table

Katja Thater wins bracelet -- Thater grabs first WSOP bracelet in $1,500 Razz event

Tourney in a Box -- Chan and five others sequestered for live broadcast

Outside the box -- What happens outside the live broadcast

Finding Terrence -- Terrence Chan just misses first bracelet

Another final table? -- Team PokerStars' shooting for more final tables

FPPs turn to gold -- Supernova Keith Block goes deep in $5,000 heads-up event.

Daniel Negreanu makes final table...again -- Negreanu makes final table of $2,000 Stud event

$2,000 Stud Final Table with Daniel Negreanu -- Part 2 -- Part 3

The Light of the Stars -- PokerStars success continues at World Series

Spoiled rotted -- An unusul day without a big final table

Sound familiar? -- Joe Hachem goes after Pot Limit Hold'em field field

Upstream -- The huge $1,500 No-Limit field

No Limit Exclusive -- Noah Boeken still alive in $1,500 NL event

When a HORSE is not a horse

Unprecedentedly fun

Dead Meat

HORSE: Back in the saddle

HORSE gets serious

My Dream Final Table

Keeping the Dream Alive

Featured Horse

A New Track

Work Horses

In the Money

Why the Long Face

Greenstein's Gift and Raymer's Exit

Barry Greenstein makes HORSE final table

HORSE Final Table pre-game

Barry Greenstein takes 7th in HORSE event

Starting Over -- Life after the HORSE event

Isabelle's EV -- How Isabelle Mercier made a bunch of money in the HORSE event without making it into the money

Hot Friday -- Brazilians, Greenstein's multi-tabling, and the Vegas heat

How to Make My Head Explode -- The Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Re-Buy event

Two Stars, One Final Table -- Two PokerStars players make same final table

The Equalizer -- The World Series' even playing field

No-Straight Saturday -- The Deuce-Seven Triple Draw event enters Day 2

Day of the Boeken -- A Day of hope for Noah Boeken

Maybe Sunday -- Giving up on Saturday and Day of the Boeken

Gambler's Sunday -- The beginning of the $10,000 PLO Championship

Crime, Gambling, Healthcare -- Scenes from the PLO Championship

Getting There -- The last-minute quest for a bracelet

Demons Out-- The madness of the $1,000 rebuy event

Hachem's Cash -- How Joe Hachem's money is only lucky of you put it in play

One Bullet at a Time -- The nature of the Limit Hold'em Shootout

Facing off with Doyle -- How a PokerStars player fought Doyle Brunson

Shooting into the money -- Isabelle's first cash

Shot Out -- The end of the Limit Hold'em Shootout

Fireworks and Stars -- Poker on Independence Day

The Day Before Tomorrow -- Putting the preliminary events behind us

Supernova Party-- The best pre-party at the World Series

Video blogs and interviews from the 2009 PCA

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