2007 World Series: Part 10 - Final Table Coverage


While we still have the same four players at the table, the dynamics have changed substantially. Granted, Jerry Yang remains in the lead with more than 50 million, but it is the scrap below that has turned on its head.

Alex Kravchenko, the short stack earlier is now in second place, while Tuan Lam, who replaced Alex as the short stack, has himself now doubled through fellow PokerStars Raymond Rahme, leaving the South African bottom of the pile.

Four-handed at the final table

It was a killer hand, with Jerry Yang raising (yet again) to 2.5 million on the button. Lam announced re-raise all in for a total of 11.6 million - and then Rahme, who has been relatively cautious up to now, moved all in himself. Yang stood and looked at the worn photo of his family that he's held for key decisions. He thought long and hard about making the call with a chance to bust both PokerStars players. When he folded, we saw Rahme had Q-Q, well ahead of Lam's A-5 hearts, but the flop came 10-A-10 to move Lam ahead. The 2 on the turn kept him there, and the third A on the river made him the full house for good measure. That hand shot him up to 26.0m. Raymond slipped to 17.1m, visibly stung by the bad beat.

How Rahme deals with being the short stack remains to be seen, but already in the few hands since he raised twice in quick succession - something he has not done until now - then soon after moved all in two hands in a row without resistance.

Earlier, he told us he "felt like a lion" - he'll need a lion's heart and courage to regroup now.

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