2007 World Series: Part 13 - Final Table Coverage


How appropriate that this is Part 13 of our final table coverage.

Tuan Lam, after making it heads-up for the World Series Championship bracelet has just finished in second place. He got all-in with AQ versus Jerry Yang's 88. Lam looked good for his second double up during heads up place when the flop came down 5Q9. Good fortune, however, would not continue to go his way. The turn was a seven, opening up four more outs for Yang's eights. Only an eight or a six would keep Lam from doubling up.

A six fell on the river, giving Yang the straight and forcing Lam into a second place finish. Still, it was an amazing run for Tuan "BABYHAN" Lam. He walks away this morning with $4,840,981.

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