2007 World Series: Part 9 - Final Table Coverage


After an afternoon and early evening that saw Jerry Yang run roughshod over the final table, the post-dinner break play has evened out the stacks. Back to back double-ups for Tuan and Alex have returned this from a one-man show into a poker tournament.

Now nearing the eleven o'clock hour, the crowds have thinned out and a majority of the media are waiting for the next big thing to happen. The convention center air conditioning has returned to its Arctic ways and people without sweatshirts are either buying one or shivering.

Earlier tonight, we mentioned the possibility of an early evening here. It now seems clear that won't happen. Yang seems chastened by his after-dinner losses and the other players have slowed down in kind. We are now seeing more measured responses to raises. Instead of raises being met with all-ins, now players are more content to see a flop and play carefully from there.

With Alex Kravchenko doubling through Jerry Yang, the match turned into a four-horse race. Yang dropped below 50m for the first time in quite awhile, with Raymond (30.45m), Kravchenko (27.6m), and Tuan (21.7m) back within striking distance. Anyone who doubled through Yang now would take the chip lead. Yang didn't pull back, though. He fired 2.0m from the button, and Tuan called. The flop came Jd-4d-3d, and Tuan bet 3.0m into the pot. Yang raised another 6.0m, this time without all the study. It was Tuan who had to figure out if he was beat or not, and he ultimately mucked his hand. A couple more hands, and Tuan was back under 14.0m again.

Among the last moments of residual excitement here revolve around the Tuan Lam's timely double-up. As we mentioned earlier, Lam is a lot happier when he's able to play hard, play back, and play aggressive. Below you'll find a couple of pictures of what it looks like when that kind of play works out.

Players have again headed to break. We are still four-handed and looking for a long night ahead.

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