September 2007

30 September

2007 WCOOP Main Event Underway

The 2007 World Championship of Online Poker main event has just kicked off as the richest tournament in online poker history. Nearly 3,000 players are now set to battle for a nearly $7.5 million prize pool. It's impossible to say what's going to happen over the next 15 hours or...more

“Tzabra” sensation celebrates Seoul success

The Hebrew word “Tzabra” or “Sabra” is used to describe native Israelis. A tzabra is a tough desert plant that thrives under harsh conditions. Under its thorny exterior, the “Tzabra” protects a softer, less severe interior.It's a perfect analogy for our first Asia Pacific Poker Tour Seoul champion, Israel’s...more

APPT Seoul Final Table: Will Kim be crowned king in Korea?

By Sean CallanderJust three players are still in the running to claim the first APPT Seoul title. Sid Kim is the new chip leader on 983,000, followed by 25-year-old Israeli Ziv Bachar on 740,000 with Australian Jo Berec the short stack on 139,000.In the latest action, captured in magnificent images...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #22 Final Table Report

Limit poker is a dysfunctional marriage of a game theorist and a math wonk. They live in a house that looks like any other house in the poker neighborhood and, on the outside, they seem like a happy couple. Inside, though, the debates rage harder than any daytime soap opera....more

APPT Seoul: Final Table (Hands 36-76)

Different strokes for different folks – it was interesting to see the demeanour of the players during the break in the APT Seoul final table. First-time final table participants like Norwegian qualifier Seval “Biffen 1” Hægeland and Michel “MSTP007” St Pierre paced nervously outside the ballroom while Jo Berec and...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #21 Final Table Report

The appeal of online poker--or at least part of it--is the ability to play in an event with a relatively small buy-in and have a chance at a major score. Event #20 of the World Championship of Online Poker had nothing to do with that part of the game's appeal.At...more

APPT Seoul: It’s time to ‘shuffle up & deal’ at the APPT Seoul final table

A few nervous poker players have just made their way into the TV studio for the final table of the APPT Seoul main event in the Walkerhill Sheraton Grande Hotel on the outskirts of the South Korean capital.It’s drizzly and gloomy outside, but the lights are shining bright here at...more

29 September

EPT London: Mouawad takes the lot

Here's a list of poker players, who are also members of an exclusive club.Brandon Schaefer (USA); Jeff Williams (USA); Gavin Griffin (USA); Magnus Petersson (Sweden).As of tonight, there's another name to add to the subscription list: Joseph Mouawad. He comes from Lebanon and he's the most recent champion of a...more

EPT London: Final table action

Joseph Mouawab, PokerStars qualifier from Lebanon, wins EPT London and £611,52010.15pm: Florian Langmann, Germany, eliminated in second place, winning £346,528That's it. It all goes in on a flop of queen-nine-six and Florian has a pair of nines, Joseph a pair of queens. The turn brings another queen and that's trips...more

APPT Seoul: Last nine decided in battle for APPT Seoul glory

By Sean CallanderThe field for tomorrow’s APPT Seoul final table has been decided. Play wound up shortly after 12.30am when PokerStars qualifier Ulf Martensson was eliminated in 10th spot.After a raise from Jozef Berec, Martensson pushed all-in from the big blind with Ah 5h. Berec showed Jh 10h, and made...more

APPT Seoul: Qualifiers have a tale to tell to folks back home

By Sean Callander“There are eight million stories in the naked city; this has been one of them” was the tagline to the classic 1948 movie of the same title. There aren't exactly eight million PokerStars qualifiers at the APPT Seoul, but there are eight in the final 16, chasing the...more

EPT London: Final table player profiles

Seat 1: Ian Cox, 45, UK – 234,000Of all today’s final table players, Ian Cox, a poker pro & sports bettor from Poole, Dorset, has the most experience beneath the studio lights. His first live poker came after qualifying online for the 2005 Poker Million and he’s played in three...more

EPT London: Final table time

Credit: Neil StoddartHello and welcome back - for the final time - to London.It's final table time on the second stopping point of season four of the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT). We've been holed up since Monday at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino in Great Britain's venerable capital.And late last...more

APPT Seoul: Was there something in the food?

By Sean CallanderNormally break time in a major tournament is like holding a red flag to a bull. Players go away and consider their position, and many return with a new found determination to make something happen. Usually, that means it’s time to push.Well, the remaining 21 players in the...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #20 Final Table Report

Imagine this scene.It's been a bloody fight on an Old West street. The shoot out has been blazing for fourteen hours and all but two of the gun fighters lay dead in the dirt. The two remaining foes are trading bullets and staring at each other across a High Noon...more

APPT Seoul: Chinese Poker, it's anyone's game

By Sean CallanderThe Asia Pacific Poker Tour is breaking new ground in this emerging poker region, but it’s a case of back to the future in Seoul thanks to a unique addition to the tournament schedule.Although Chinese Poker is one of the most popular forms of the game –...more

APPT Seoul: Cory-Ann waves the flag for females, felines and the Land Down Under

By Sean CallanderIf Cory-Ann Joseph’s grin gets any broader, the top of her head is going to snap off! She is one of two female players still in the hunt for the APPT Seoul crown (along with Isabelle Mercier) and one of only two Australians still in the field (there’s...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #19 Final Table Report

No matter whether it's the World Championship of Online Poker, the World Series, or your local bar league's yearly championship series, when it starts getting toward the end, the pressure to put up a good score starts to mount. With only three days left in the 2005 PokerStars World Championship...more

APPT Seoul: A case of Tae Kwon Woe for Team PokerStars

By Sean CallanderA word of warning for any aspiring poker players out there who plan on crossing a member of Team PokerStars with a poorly timed raise or a horrible suckout on the river. They now have the power; the power to fightback!Prior to the start of day two here...more

EPT London: Final table set

Let's start at the end.Tomorrow, the final table of this week's EPT London will feature the following eight players chasing this trophy.Florian Langmann - Germany - 927,000Joseph Mouawad - Lebanon - 780,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Marcel Baran - Germany - 583,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Josh Egan - New Zealand - 477,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Anthony Lellouche...more

EPT London: Hand for hand

PokerStars qualifier Phidias Georgiou is out of the EPT London having experiencing the highs and lows of both the chip lead and the short stack on the same day. It came as the hour was just minutes from midnight after play had for hours given the illusion of standing still....more

28 September

EPT London: Going slowly into that good night

Well, it would be nice to report a rush of eliminations, the foundation of a final table, and my fingers hovvering over the keys labelled G-O-O-D-N-I-G-H-T. But the truth is something different.Although we're now down to 11 players, having waved goodbye to Tony Cascarino, David Obrobac and Surinder Sunar, they've...more

EPT London: Chips

The latest official counts:Marcel Baran -- Germany -- 602,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Florian Langman -- Germany -- 421,000Josh Egan -- New Zealand -- 350,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Fredrik Haugen -- Sweden -- 313,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Anthony Lellouche -- France -- 277,000Paul Mendes -- England -- 264,000Pascal Perrault -- France -- 264,000Phidias Georgiou -- Cyprus --...more

EPT London: The shape of things to come

EPTs champions are a varied bunch - casino locals, old timers, the new boy on the scene playing his first live event, and journeyman players due a result. One category of winner is the ‘player nobody seems to notice until things get serious.’ Natural ability and a knack for blending...more

EPT London: Photo gallery

As mentioned in a previous post, the action has slowed significantly in London. We need to get down to a final table of eight tonight, but there are a lot of medium-sized stacks out there, meaning most of the pots remain small unless there are two big hands. Blinds are...more

EPT London: All the way to the money

Earlier tonight I caught up with Martyn Reeve in his hour of defeat. The Welshman who qualified on PokerStars seemed happy enough with his £8,200 – the biggest cash of his career.Martyn Reeve: looking down, and outCredit: Neil Stoddart“The first day went really well. I had about 50,000 at the...more

APPT Seoul: Schreiber stays on top in race for Seoul crown

By Sean CallanderThe dreams of winning the first APPT Seoul trophy have ended for more than three-quarters of the 186 players who started day one here at the Walker-hill Casino.On the heels of last night’s cocktail party and nine tough hours over the felt, there are plenty of weary souls...more

EPT London: Money men (and woman)

The tournament floor at the Vic is its usual chaos this afternoon, with a side event starting and drawing many of the earlier casualties from the main EPT contest.That tournament is, of course, still progressing and edging ever closer to the final table. We're down to three of them at...more

EPT London: Lights, cameras, action...

Day three of the EPT means the introduction of a television table. One group of eight will today have every move scrutinised by a swarm of cameras, serried ranks of supporters, an army of technicians and, eventually, millions in the comfort of their own homes (in edited form, at least.)While...more

APPT Seoul: ‘Rekrul’ rules late on day one

Daniel Schreiber is as close to a ‘hometown’ player battling it out for the APPT Seoul title.Like fellow Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier and Team PokerStars member Guillaume Patry, Schreiber relocated to Korea (from his home in Commack, New York) to compete as a professional Starcraft player. Yep, that’s...more

EPT London: Boom or bust on the bubble

Bubble time is the cruellest time in a poker tournament. It's also the most anxious, often the busiest at the rail and among the media but, when all's said and done, usually the slowest too.For the uninitiated, "the bubble" bursts when the last remaining player goes out of the tournament...more

EPT London: Making moves

Vajayan Nagarajan was the first PokerStars qualifier to make a move today, pushing all-in only for Peter Petersen to fold an ace rather than risk the damage. It wasn’t quite so straightforward for PokerStars qualifier Joris Jaspers. His exit was of the unlucky kind - with aces...“I bet 8k pre-flop....more

EPT London: qualifiers on the charge

You may have noticed from the list of remaining players in the EPT London that PokerStars qualifiers are doing rather well. That's nothing new, of course. We've all heard of the likes of Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer in the World Series, as well as Brandon Schaefer and Jeff Williams...more

EPT London: Play begins

Sat in the cardroom between the TV people at one end making finishing touches to the main stage and bar staff at the other polishing glasses for first drinks of commiseration, is Marcel Baran. The young PokerStars Qualifier from Germany starts the day on 102,800 and is no stranger to...more

APPT Seoul: Mercier makes her move

By Sean CallanderOne-third of the field have already been eliminated barely four levels into the APPT Seoul main event.After a strong start, Team PokerStars Pro Lee Nelson joined the growing list of casualties when his stack received a mortal blow at the hands of Ariel Bronstein. Nelson pushed all-in on...more

EPT London: Day three ready to go

Hello folks and welcome back to London -- especially those who have taken a recent brief sojourn via the PokerStars blog to Seoul for the APPT and, well, anywhere, for the WCOOP.These are busy days for blog followers, but for the next eight hours of so it'll be European...more

APPT Seoul: Quality field takes aim at Team PokerStars!

By Sean CallanderOfficial numbers have been confirmed with 186 players battling it out for the inaugural APPT Seoul title. The total prize pool is $437,100, with 16 players set to share in the spoils. The winner will pocket $139,872.Shortly into level three, already 20 players have been sent to the...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #18 Final Table Report

There are certain things in your life that you shouldn't attempt without a solid working knowledge of how they work. While opinions vary on what these things are, I'd think the top ten would include driving a tractor, using a pressure cooker, and playing Seven Card Stud Eight or Better....more

APPT Seoul: Who are those masked men?

By Sean CallanderThe cards are in the air at the Walker-Hill Casino in Seoul for the first APPT event in South Korea. Even though this is only the second event in the first season of the APPT, a few traditions have already started to emerge.After a welcome from APPT president...more

APPT Seoul: Tournaments Kicks Off

By Sean CallanderHaving celebrated a highly successful debut in Manila last month, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) has rolled into the South Korean capital, Seoul.We’re at the Paradise Walker-Hill Casino, located in the Sheraton Grande Walker-Hill – a magnificent setting that overlooks the Han River. And appropriately for...more

2007 WCOOP: Interview with Event #17 winner, pes4fans

The curve beteeen learning poker and becoming a champion can be as long a a lifetime or as short as the time it took PokerStars player pes4fans to win a WCOOP bracelet. Though he asked repeatedly for a chop in Event #17, his opponents refused. Germany's Pes4fans responded by winning...more

27 September

EPT London: Day two's swift end

Well, well, well. Apologies dear readers.Less than an hour ago, the tournament director announced a break of half an hour and PokerStars blog took a slight break to gain some sustenance to see us through to the small hours. We returned to gather a few stories and take a few...more

EPT London: Day two chip counts

End of day two chip counts:Surinder Sunar (UK) 403,400Ben Grundy (UK) 220,000Anthony Lellouche (France) 213,800Lam Trinh (UK) 207,400Phidias Georgiou (Cyprus) PokerStars qualifier 200,200Pascal Perrault (France) 172,800Josh Egan (New Zealand) PokerStars qualifier 162,300Fredrik Haugen (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier 152,400Stuart Nash (UK) 125,100Alan Smurfit (Ireland) PokerStars qualifier 122,100Katja Svendsen (Norway) PokerStars qualifier 105,900Marcel...more

EPT: Before and after the break

The first sign that PokerStars qualifier Marcus Lind was all-in was his head appearing from the crowd peering across the cardroom. The first sign that this hand would be an inter-PokerStars qualifier clash was Phidias Georgiou doing the same. What’s more there was a third unknown player involved.Close up it...more

EPT London: Tough week but still here

Vijayan Nagarayan has survived his first close call in a monster pot that saw him back to his earlier stack weight of around 100k. After suffering some losses – folding to big bets on a table that features Ben Grundy, Erik Friberg and Thomas Fougeron, Vijayan pushed in with 50k...more

EPT London: chip counts

Approximately 75 players remain here in London, as we enter level 12. That means blinds of 800-1,600 and a 300 ante.The following are still fighting the good fight:Chris Moneymaker - USA - Team PokerStars - 108,000Carlo Citrone - England - 12,000Marc Goodwin - England - 140,000Katja Svendsen - PokerStars qualifier...more

EPT London: In the thick of day two action

Day two has begun in a hurry and Stephen Bartley and I have been scooting round the room to pick up the stories from the PokerStars qualifiers, Team PokerStars members and other big names alike. Here's what's happened in the opening hours:Getting set By Stephen BartleyPokerStars qualifier Vijayan Nagarayan, he...more

EPT London: Day two begins

Hello all and welcome back to London for the third day of action and the official day two of the European Poker Tour (EPT) event from the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.Day two: the calm before the stormA total of 142 players made it through their respective day ones, and we're...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #17 Final Table Report

Six-max no-limit hold'em is all about action. Starting hand values change. Ace-rag starts to seem like a much better holding. Re-raises are a lot more common. Naked aggression is rewarded and punished in nearly every orbit. So, after 14 hours of playing down from 2,872 players to six, one might...more

EPT London : Day 2 players and chip counts

Nicolas Levi (France) - 100,300Daniel Mangas (Spain) - 98,500Antony Phillips (UK) - 94,600Chris Moneymaker (US) Team PokerStars - 79,700Ola Brandborn (Sweden) - 73,100Fredrik Haugen (Sweden) PokerStars qualifier - 63,800Vijayan Nagarajan (Malaysia) PokerStars qualifier - 59,800Joseph Mouawad (Lebanon) PokerStars qualifier - 59,700Anthony Lellouche (France) - 58,000Fuat Can (Sweden) - 57,500Ville Wahlbeck...more

26 September

EPT London: Day 1b wrap

Another day, another day 1. And now it's over.We started day 1b with another 215 hardly souls, each stumping up £5,200, or its online satellite win equivalent, and when the clock stopped moments ago, fewer than 90 remained. Of them, there were some very familiar names.The tournament area in the...more

EPT London: Into level 8

Daniel Negreanu has arrived at a new table and finds himself on the right of Phidius Georgiou. On Daniel’s right is David Danashgar, but more of him later.Daniel’s journey here wasn’t an unpleasant one, working up to a sizable stack in the first 7 levels with some trademark banter and...more

EPT London: Chips and dessert

Players have now been served their dessert, so the dinner break, which isn't really a dinner break, is over.So, unfortunately, is the tournament for a number of players, including the likes of David Flusfeder, Neil Channing, Julian Thew, John Gale, Karl Mahrenholz and, most recently, Hevad Khan, whose jacks couldn't...more

EPT London: Looking the part

Gold rimmed sunglasses – sunglasses of the expensive kind, black clothes and a few days beard. Cap on backwards, shirt open at the neck and hands going haywire on a stack of chips measuring 11k. This is 28 year old Phidias Georgiou. The Cypriot supernova is a rugged looking guy,...more

EPT London: A round with Daniel Negreanu

It's a fairly safe bet that most PokerStars blog readers have played the occasional hand of online poker. And it's highly likely that they've watched one or two television shows where some of the top names in this game have riffled a few chips.But it's not quite so certain that...more

EPT London: The situation at the break

Joris Jaspers and Matthias Neu were enjoying a quick chat about their current prognosis as play stopped for a break after level 4. Both find themselves at the same table with little room for camaraderie - a table that includes the scenery of William Thorson, Daniel Dodet and Carlo Citrone.“It’s...more

EPT London: It's good to talk

Just as every poker player has his or her own style, developed through their years and months (or sometimes minutes) of play, every table in these major tournaments also begins adopting some very definite characteristics.Through some quirk of scheduling -- or maybe just the law of averages -- there is...more

EPT London: TeflonCoated by name...

"TeflonCoated" is the handle Englishman David Davies plays under on and judging by at the line up of his table a touch of the Teflon coating might indeed be in order. He sits with Andrew O’Flaherty, Julian Thew, Ben Grundy and John Gale and faces a long storm if...more

EPT London: Ready for day 1b

Welcome back to the EPT in LondonDay 1b is about to get underway, the second act of a five act play which culminates in the finale on Saturday where, following the elimination of defending champion Vicky Coren yesterday, a new EPT London Champion will be crowned.As the clock struck...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #16 Final Table Report

Omaha, by nature, is a gambler's game. Make it pot-limit and it becomes like walking on a tightrope. Make it hi-lo and you might as well have greased your feet and told the ring master to do away with the net. And that's what makes it so much fun.More than...more

EPT London: Day 1A chips

The complete chip counts from Day 1A are as follows:Nicolas Levi France 100,300 Daniel Mangas Spain 98,500 Chris Moneymaker US 79,700 Team PokerStarsOla Brandborn Sweden 73,100 Vijayan Nagarajan Malaysia 59,800 (PokerStars qualifier)Ville Wahlbeck Finland 56,700 Peter Gelencser Germany 52,500 Sponsored playerAge Spets Norway 50,800 Martyn Reeve UK 50,000 (PokerStars qualifier)Pascal...more

25 September

EPT London: The story of day 1a

EPT London: bagging upDay 1a started as a story of canapés after lunch and then a leisurely dinner at the table. A relaxed afternoon of poker you might have expected, but the reality was a pace much less enjoyable.As PokerStars qualifier Vijayan Nagarajan found out the going can be tough...more

EPT London: Pardon the nostalgia trip

There are two oft-repeated truisms about poker in Britain that don't get any less true the more oft they are repeated. One: the Vic is the spiritual home of the game in the country, and two: "Late Night Poker" really was a brilliant television show.This week's EPT in London means...more

EPT London: From a land down under

Table 7 is practically a bastion of PokerStars. Three men at work, line astern and each a healthy stack. Rosiest of the three is Marcus Lind, in a white cap flecked with a floral pattern of brightly coloured paint. He has an equally colourful stack - two brown chips, each...more

EPT London: Thinning the field

When the timetable was first published for this renewal of the EPT at the Vic, many commentators (this one included) were sceptical that the tournament playing time of 1 p.m. to 1 a.m. would be strictly adhered to. Anyone who's ever been to a major tournament knows that punctuality is...more

EPT London: chips

Just taken a quick walk of the floor to discover the following:David Colclough -- 15,000Dario Minieri -- 13,500Johnny Lodden -- 12,000Brandon Schaefer -- 11,000Illari Sahamies -- 4,800Rafael Camos -- 24,000Chris Moneymaker -- 17,000Mark Teltscher -- 10,500Jonas Molander -- 7,500Mickey Wernick -- 19,500Andreas Hoivold -- 13,000Dag Mikkelsen -- 51,000Ola Brandborn --...more

EPT London: Tournament firsts

Stick around and you’ll see a lot of firsts at an EPT. In fact the London event last year marked the first female winner of an EPT when Vicky Coren took the honours here in her local casino. But there’s been nothing close to the sight of 150 poker players...more

EPT London: Making money from Moneymaker

What's it like sitting next a World Champion?"Pretty good," said a sprightly Rafael Comas, a PokerStars qualifier from Miami, who was moved to the right of Chris Moneymaker during level two.And Moneymaker had chips at the time; plenty of them, after going on a tear through the early levels. But...more

EPT London: Early stages

There’s a cocktail party mood at The Vic in these early stages, with waitresses forcing their way between tables with trays of canapés determined to feed people. It’s a truly decent gesture which would have gone down nicely were it not for a few hands to be played. When you’re...more

EPT London: Cards in the air

Hello and welcome again to the EPT in London.As is now customary, day one last for two days, meaning the field is divided roughly down the middle to play today and tomorrow, with the remaining players joining forces on Thursday. At last count, 178 were registered for today and...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #15 Final Table Report

There is a truth about seven-card stud that most new players to the game fail to recognize: the difference between in good and bad players is likely greater than any other game. Stud requires more than a simple understanding of math and odds. To be a successful stud player, one...more

EPT London: Lift off

London.It doesn't quite have the instant poker cache of, let's say, Texas, but there's really nothing new about the game that can be taught to denizens of the Grosvenor Victoria Casino on London's Edgware Road. Nothing at all.These players were shuffling up and dealing before most of the new breed...more

24 September

2007 WCOOP: Event #14 Final Table Report

Confidence. It's an intangible part of a poker player's arsenel and one of the qualities that seperates mere players from champions. It's the ability to look at a table and say, "I'm going to win this."Many times, confidence can be mistaken for foolhardy hubris. Sometimes it takes waiting until the...more

RaiNKhaN takes honours in Hold’em 100

Hevad Khan, the vocal and popular final tablist at this year’s World Series of Poker main event maintained his run of form yesterday by winning the Hold’em 100, the charity event founded 12 years ago which raises money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Fund in the UK.Tearing through a field...more

23 September

2007 WCOOP: More than $3 million at stake

Just a few minutes ago, one of the biggest events in online poker history kicked off. The 2007 WCOOP Event #14, $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em, started with an astounding 3,325 players and a prize pool of $3,325,000. In the event someone wins this tournament outright, they will win $580,000.Starting with $15,000...more

Guest of honour

Guest of honour at the Hold’em 100 was Gavin Griffin, winner of the Season 3 EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. He is in town with his girlfriend Kristen, both of whom are no strangers to raising money for a cause close to their hearts. Much publicised in Monte Carlo...more

All set for the Hold'em 100

First, cram some of the best poker players in the world into a subterranean poker cavern in the heart of London. Second, play for charity to tap in to their good natured hearts. Finally, make it a re-buy to give the betting muscles time to warm up. What have you...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #13 Final Table Report

In this contest, push-monkeys needed not apply. They can win their bananas in another game. In PokerStars WCOOP Event #13, the game was pot-limit hold'em and that meant anyone afraid of a flop had better find another tree in which to play.More than 1,000 people showed up on Saturday to...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #12 Final Table Report

No-Limit Texas Hold'em may be the Cadillac of poker. It's popularity can't be denied. However, at the same time, there is a growing number of people who believe the best poker players in the world can't be determined by one game. These are the people who see true poker skill...more

22 September

2007 WCOOP: Event #11 Final Table Report

Razz is just ugly name for a game. It's pejorative. It's ugly. The name aside, though, there is something beautiful about the game. Though it's reputation is perpetuated by the media and misunderstanding of the nature of the contest, Razz is a downright beautiful game.You think I protest too much?...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #10 Final Table Report

Poker is nothing without aggression and when players sit down at a full table, it's never clear who is going to throw the first punch. However, when two players make up the whole of the game, there is no looking around to see who is creeping up behind. It's eye-to-eye....more

2007 WCOOP: World Championship of Online Poker Stats

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker has now been around for so long, it's sort of hard to keep up with all the fun statistics, like who has won the most money, who has made the most final tables, and who has cashed the most times.PokerStars is now making...more

21 September

2007 WCOOP: Profile of Event # 7 winner, Cardinal 7

Cardinal7 has been playing casino poker for seventeen years and in that time he's won a lot of tournaments. What's more, there have more than a few times that he's won more than the $67,000 he won in Event #7 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. That said,...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #9 Final Table Report

It takes a certain breed of poker player to compete in an event the likes of Event #9 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. Though many words comes to mind, the only one that seems to fit like a gutshot draw's lucky card is "manic."With nearly 2,200 players...more

20 September

2007 WCOOP: Profile of Event #3 winner, jalla79

Jalla79 won more than $67,000 in Event #3 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. The full-time pro from Sweden marks the win as not his biggest, but one of the bigger scores he's put together recently. The money is headed straight for his bankroll."It was a great feeling,...more

2007 WCOOP: Interview with winner of Event #1, samh133

When the 2007 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker kicked off, it did so in style. The winner, samh33, won an impressive $155,561 in the no-limit short-handed hold'em event. Not bad for a guy who quit his job in Janauary to focus on poker. Looks like he's made his nut...more

PokerStars third Supernova Elite: marchinvest2

In the world of marketing and business, advertising gurus toss around the word "elite" like a teenager would toss out the word "awesome." At PokerStars, the word "elite" actually means something. How so? Well, this year was the first year for the PokerStars VIP Club's Supernova Elite level. In the...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #8 final table report

"A lot of my friends had bankrolls. A lot of my friends started playing Omadraw. A lot of my friends went busto. Omadraw is like crack. Once you start you can't stop...until you are out of money." My friend Miami Don wrote that a couple of weeks ago. Whether it's...more

19 September

2007 WCOOP: Interview with Event #2 winner

When we saw the screen name, we knew it seemed familiar. So did the name behind the winner of Event #2 of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker. As it turned out, as appeared on this blog's pages before. Last time we ran across him, it was...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #7 Final Table Report

Limit.It's almost a dirty word in this all no-limit-all-the-time world. In a poker world that values guts over nuance, aggression over math, and pre-flop stares over river value bets, the limit hold'em world has become a quiet, almost antiquated subculture. Stumbling over a limit hold'em tournament is like a trip...more

Team PokerStars grows by four

PokerStars' elite stable of poker pros and enthusiasts just grew by four members, and they are all faces you're bound to recognize. Getting a spot on Team PokerStars is no easy task, but these four players showed their stuff at this year's World Series. If you've not yet seen them...more

18 September

2007 WCOOP: Interview with Event #6 winner, Greg Raymer

By now, you've likely heard that Team PokerStars' Greg "Fossilman" Raymer added a bracelet to his collection this morning after winning the 2007 PokerStars World Cup of Poker Event #6 ($320 Rebuy PL Omaha). Just a few hours later, Greg is awake, $168,000 more wealthy, and answering our questions.Q. So,...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #6 Final Table report

If PokerStars observer chat had been active, the joke would likely have been oft repeated."You're telling me you won $5 million in the World Series of Poker, but you can't afford a decent Internet connection?"Insetad, the jokes were left to the people actually sitting at the final two tables of...more

17 September

2007 WCOOP: Event # 5 Final Table Report

It was a merely a function of the software. It was a wink from Randomness that said, "Yeah, I've got a sense of humor. How about you?" It was an arbitrary number designating the final field of competition for the ultimate nine in the 2007 WCOOP Event #5. The final...more

2007 WCOOP Event #5 Results

It may not have been the longest tournament in PokerStars history, but it was certainly the longest in the history of the World Championship of Online Poker. It took more than 20 hours to finish WCOOP Event #5, a $3 million no-limit hold'em affair that pitted more than 6,000 of...more

16 September

2007 WCOOP: Event # 4 Final Table Report

To the beginner 2-7 Triple Draw looks simple - three ‘lives’ (okay, officially called 'draws') per hand – that’s three chances to improve, surely? With that in mind you could easily think that playing every hand is a good idea. Finally a medley of poker that doesn’t require you to...more

2007 WCOOP: Event # 3 Final Table Report

“Omaha is an action game and six handed it’s double the action.”So said Team PokerStars icon and 2005 World Champion Joe Hachem prior to the final table of the Pot Limit Omaha (6 Max). It was the first of two events to complete the weekend – the other being the...more

WCOOP 2-7 Triple Draw Result

The player with the online handle Donald became the latest PokerStars WCOOP bracelet winner in the early hours of this morning when he took honours in Event # 4, the 2-7 Triple Draw (Lowball). In a cautious final he overcame pstarfish heads-up and took $32,450 for first place. His opponent...more

WCOOP Pot Limit Omaha (6 Max) Result

Swedish player jalla79 was victorious in the third event of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker - the Pot-Limit Omaha (6 Max) - defeating Norwegian TomNordli heads-up in a battle of Scandinavia. The final lasted just over three hours and with two of these passing without a player being...more

15 September

2007 WCOOP: Event # 1 Final Table Report

The opening day of the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker would draw to a close with the final table of the $215 No-Limit Hold’em (6-Max) event, which found 4,610 souls prepared to play deep into the night. As the final of the Five Card Draw raged on a few...more

2007 WCOOP: Event #2 Final Table Report

As far as opening ceremonies go poker tends to skip the fanfare. No flags paraded past an ensemble of dignitaries in suits. Occasionally someone makes a speech but it’s never much more than ‘shuffle up and deal’. As play got underway in this year’s World Championship of Online Poker it...more

WCOOP No-Limit Hold’em (6-Max) Result

Hot on the heels of the Five Card Draw final was the No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max event which kicked off the series yesterday afternoon. Whilst victory in the former went to a European, the biggest field ever in a WCOOP event saw American samh133 take the bracelet in the latter and...more

WCOOP 5 Card Draw Result

After a 14 hour 23 minute slog, alongside 857 others with similar ideas, Austrian took the spoils in the first World Championship of Online Poker final table of the year in the Pot Limit Five Card Draw.Four handed the survivors chopped 95 per cent of the prize money, playing...more

14 September

2007 WCOOP begins today

Today is W-Day.In just a little more than an hour, the world's richest and most prestigious online poker tournament will kick off. Today, the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker begins with two events: $215 Six-Max No-Limit Hold'em and $215 PL Five Card Draw. That will kick-start more than two...more

10 September

PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker set to begin

If the preparations have not already begun in homes across the world, they are bound to happen soon. Every pantry should be stocked with provisions for two weeks. Every coffee maker should be ready for emergency use. Massage therapists should be on standby for any sort of repetitive motion disorder...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results

With the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker right around the corner, players were getting their tournament game ready this Sunday. From yokerface's $81,815 win in the Sunday Warm-up to stones99's huge win in the Sunday Million, players were starting to get a taste of the big money. Here are...more

8 September

Team USA: World Cup winners

Victorious USA: Greg Raymer, Randy Principe, Tyler Netter, Shaun Deeb & John KenlanPoker players all seem to have their signature hands. Many like aces, for obvious reason, but Greg Raymer, for instance, swears by pocket eights, the hand he rode to World Series success in 2004.And from tomorrow onwards, two...more

7 September

World Cup: final result

1st - United States (Tyler Netter, Randy Principe, Greg Raymer, John Kenlan, Shaun Deeb) - $100,000Team USAGreg Raymer, Randy Principe, Tyler Netter, Shaun Deeb & John Kenlan2nd - Romania (Razvan Bengulescu, Florin Constantin, Cristian Rajala, Cristian Tardea, Cristian Dragomir) - $60,0003rd - Iceland (Andri Bjorgvin, Fridrik Jorgensson, Halldor Sverrisson, Einar...more

World Cup final: all the action

United States win the World Cup of Poker11.45pm: Romania eliminated in second placeThe heads up battle took on a more aggressive complexion after Cristian Tardea entered the fray. But those who live by the sword can die by it, and so it proved. Tardea tried a bluff re-raise all...more

World Cup: Final fantasy

Hello again and welcome back to Barcelona for the final of the World Cup of Poker.It's been a fascinating three days, pitting five representatives from each of the eight qualifying countries in five single-table sit and goes to determine who returns here today. And after leaving Mexico, Ireland, Portugal...more

6 September

World Cup - If you can't stand the heats, well, they're over

An Icelandic, a Canadian, a Romanian and an American walk into a casino...It doesn't sound much like a joke, and it isn't. It's the line-up for tomorrow's final of the World Cup of Poker, decided today in the Gran Casino, Barcelona. After five heats played over three gruelling days, we...more

Heat five results and final standings

Heat five resultsNuno Coelho, Portugal, 15 pointsMagnus Johannesson, Iceland, 12 pointsShaun Deeb, USA, 9 pointsEd Byrne, Canada, 7 pointsMicky McCloskey, Ireland, 5 pointsHector Rodriguez, Mexico, 3 pointsMehmet Ogruk, Germany, 2 pointsCristian Dragomir, Romania, 1 pointFinal standings after five heatsIceland - 45 pointsRomania - 44 pointsCanada - 40 pointsUSA - 37...more

Heat five: all the action

Nuno Coehlo, Portugal, wins heat five and earns 15 points.Victory for Coelho but Portugal are still out11.55pm: Magnus Johannesson, Iceland, eliminated in second placeThe heads up battle was customarily brief, and Nuno Coelho's final blow was assisted by pocket aces. He slow played them and got all the chips in...more

Heat 5: The contenders

Micky McCloskey, IrelandMicky is Ireland’s celebrity player and a very well-known figure on the European poker circuit. He has been a semi-pro for years and even gave up work for a year in 2000 to try his hand at the game full-time. After that, he went back to running his...more

World Cup latest results and standings

Heat four resultsAndri Arnthorsson, Iceland, 15 pointsTyler Netter, USA, 12 pointsRicardo Rios, Mexico, 9 pointsCristian Tardea, Romania, 7 pointsLuiz Freitas, Portugal, 5 pointsNoel Peare, Ireland, 3 pointsKatja Thater, Germany, 2 pointsJody Thompson, Canada, 1 pointOverall standings after four heatsRomania - 43 pointsCanada - 33 pointsIceland - 33 pointsUSA - 28...more

World Cup heat 4 - all the action

Andri Arnthorsson, Iceland, wins heat four and earns 15 points7.20pm: Tyler Netter, USA, eliminated in second placeThe heads up duel was short and sweet, especially if you're an Iceland supporter. Two key hands swung it. Firstly, Andri Arnthorsson got it all in with A-10 against Netter's pocket fours. The ten...more

Heat four: the contenders

Jody Thompson, CanadaFor Jody Thompson, 25, of Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, poker is a great way to travel the world and have a great time. The electrical engineering student took a break from college to focus on poker and has already made it to Melbourne for the Aussie Millions, a holiday...more

Seconds out, round four. And five.

Welcome back to Barcelona for day three of the World Cup of Poker. There are two heats planned for today which, by the time they're done, will have decided the line up for tomorrow's final.At 3.30pm, representatives of teams Iceland, Ireland, Romania, Germany, Canada, United States, Mexico and Portugal...more

5 September

Romania takes charge

They started the day on top of the pile, and by the end of it, they were only looking down from even farther.Team Romania went one better than their second and third from the opening day when Cristian Mihai crushed Daniel Negreanu, of Canada, in a tense heads-up battle at...more

World Cup: heat 3 results and standings

Heat three results1 - Cristian Mihai, Romania, 15 points2 - Daniel Negreanu, Canada, 12 points3 - Daniel Bolton, Ireland, 9 points4 - Randy Principe, USA, 7 points5 - David Windisch, Germany, 5 points6 - Luis Medina, Portugal, 3 points7 - Einar Sveinsson, Iceland, 2 points8 - Martha Herrera, Mexico, 1...more

World Cup heat 3 - all the action

Cristian Mihai, Romania, wins heat three. He earns 15 points for Romania11.15pm: Daniel Negreanu, Canada, eliminated in second placeThree all-in double-ups back to back proved decisive for Cristian Mihai, of Romania. Firstly there was the hand detailed below, then Romania makes a straight with A-4 against Romania's J-5. The final...more

World Cup: Heat three - the contenders

Hang around the peripheries of any poker tournament for any stakes in any city in the world and players are always conducting post mortems of previous days' play, while preparing strategy for the coming contest.Daniel Negreanu, the celebrity player of Team Canada, has never been shy with the chat. And...more

World Cup - In the balance after day one

Eight countries, 16 players, two tables, 11 hours and a lot of shouting.That, in a nutshell, is day one of the World Cup of Poker, which just finished at the Gran Casino Barcelona. There were high hopes, plenty of national pride and a World Champion as well. And at...more

World Cup - results and latest standings

Heat two results:1 - Halldor Sverrisson - Iceland - 15 points, plus $5,0002 - Joe Connolly - Ireland - 12 points, plus $3,0003 - Florin Constantin - Romania - 9 points, plus $2,0004 - Sasa Kojcinovic - Germany - 7 points5 - Otto Byrne - Canada - 5 points6 -...more

4 September

World Cup heat 2 - all the action

2.45am: And there it is, we have a decision. Iceland and Ireland get it all in pre-flop, both behind ace-rag. But the rag of Iceland - an eight - wipes the floor with the rag of Ireland - a three - and that was decisive when both flopped (for a...more

World Cup heat 1 - all the action

Heat one results:1 - Michael Watson (Canada) - 15 points, plus $5,0002 - Razvan Bengulescu (Romania) - 12 points, plus $3,0003 - Jorge Marques (Portugal) - 9 points, plus $2,0004 - Greg Raymer (USA) - 7 points5 - Patrick Kubert (Germany) - 5 points6 - Antonio Childakis (Mexico) - 3...more

Cards are in the air

It was an early start in Barcelona today. As the guards prepared to open the revolving doors to the Gran Casino, Barcelona, at 3.00pm, there were already a cluster of elegantly clad World Cup poker players waiting outside.This is not the kind of tournament that celebrates a player turning up...more

Ready for the World Cup? We are

Arguably the last place you expect to see a clutch of online poker maestros is on the beach. But earlier this evening in Barcelona, within a seagull's swoop or a volleyball's spike of the Meditteranean Sea, about 15 of the world's most celebrated internet poker players gathered for the official...more

3 September

World Cup of Poker: Team USA's principe4 and D-28

Tomorrow begins the World Cup of Poker Finals in Barcelona, Spain. We have already introduced you to ShaunDeeb, Team USA's tournament powerhouse. He will be playing in the World Cup of Poker finals with four other tough Americans, including D-28 and principe4.D-28I'm married , 48 years-old , with two sons...more

World Cup of Poker: Team Canada's SirWatts and tilterino

You may already know that two members of Team Cananda's World Cup of Poker and Team are a father and son. Now, meet two other members of Canada's Newfoundland team, SirWatts and tilterino.SirWattsI'm a 23 year old poker pro from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. I've been playing poker for three...more

World Cup of Poker: Team Ireland's luckysod and ROONEY_DIVES

It's now just one day until the World Cup of Poker Finals get started in Barcleona. As we prepare to begin our coverage from the European Poker Tour event in the same city, here's an introduction to two more World Cup finalists: Team Ireland's luckysod and ROONEY_DIVES.luckysodI'm a 38 year...more

PokerStars Sunday Tournament Results (9-2-07)

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You never know who you're going to see show up in the Sunday tournaments. From weekend warriors to top pros, the fields are packed. This week saw many familiar faces, not the least of which was Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu who stepped...more

2 September

EPT Barcelona: No such thing as friends in poker

Quick, quick, slow, quick.We started the day wondering whether we'd still be here tomorrow waiting for this intriguing EPT event to come to a close. Thirteen players came in from the Catalonian sun to chase the €1.1 million first prize. But before the clock even ticked around to 12.30am,...more

1 September

EPT Barcelona: Final table

12.25am: All over! Mark Teltscher manages to get Sander to push pre-flop holding just J-10, a perfect chance for the Brit to double up. He has kings, but Sander spikes a jack on the flop and another on the river and that's that. Sander Lylloff wins the EPT Barcelona.12.15am:...more

EPT Barcelona: Final day action

5.30pm: Local interest ends in Spain with the elimination in ninth place of Juan Maceiras. He got it all in -- about 280,000 -- against, guess who, Gregory Dyer. Maceiras had A-6, Dyer another big slick, and we now have a final table. We'll have accurate chip counts momentarily, but...more

EPT Barcelona: The home stretch

It's an early start for the final day of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona.At the end of yesterday, day three, 13 players remained of the original 543 and this afternoon our first priority is to establish a final table of eight, then to name the winner.But that's getting...more

EPT Barcelona: Final day

It all ends tomorrow (Saturday) and here are the men in with a shout:Nikolaus Jedlicka (Austria) 879,000Mika Paasonen (Finland) 715,000Sander Lylloff (Denmark) 646,000Juan Maceiras (Spain) 585,000Mark Teltscher (UK) 533,000Adam Junglen (USA) 419,000Tronde Eidsvig (Norway) 339,000Mohamad Kowssarie (Sweden) 294,000Patrick Bruel (France) 270,000Voitto Rintala (Finland) 253,000Davidi Kitai (Belgium) 219,000Greg Dyer (USA) 155,000Philip...more

EPT Barcelona: Day three done and dusted

The lights have gone out around the poker tables; the bar is buzzing with bad beats. Day three of the European Poker Tour season opener in Barcelona is a wrap.We tried to get down to eight players. We did. We really tried. But tomorrow, 13 contenders will return at...more

EPT Barcelona: Day three updates

3.10am: Greg Raymer, the former World Champions and current PokerStars ambassador, has just passed on the news that play will end for the night at the end of this level. That's in about 15 minutes.2.50am: On the outside table, there are also some sizeable stacks. This sizeable, in fact:Mohamad Kowssarie...more

EPT Barcelona: Redraw

Proving once and for all that live poker is rigged, Pete Giordano just bit the dust when he got it all in pre-flop with pocket kings but was blasted out of Barcelona by Tronde Eisvig's pocket rockets. Eisvig, from Norway, is tearing through the field and is the first player...more